Thursday, November 30, 2006

Headin' to Chicago to see the Country Bumpkin!

Katrina, back in the 80's

I'm so excited. Audrey, Mary Lynn and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Chicago. We're going to see Katrina, see Mary Lynn's In Law's and to do a LOT of shopping for sh** we don't need. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Katrina and her husband moved from Pinckney, MI to DOWNTOWN Chicago. I haven't seen her since 7th Grade.

Here is her blog:
I had the best time at her house. Her family made me feel like I was part of it. Always. Sometimes we would spend almost the entire weekend together and never tire of each other. Thank God for Linda and Pam always spending the night at their friends house, or I wouldn't have had a bed to sleep in! lol.
Pizza Rolls and The Go Go's. Plus a rip roaring fire in the wood burning stove after hours and hours of kamikaze sledding down the deck stairs. Those were great times. I'm so excited to see her after all these years.

Will have a full report with photo's when I return!
Love and Kisses!
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Funny how that worked out!

So today the laptop I ordered from Dell was to be delivered. I got online, and went to their website to track it. Funny. They had no order on file for me. I have a receipt sitting here that I printed off. How can they not have the order? Before I go any further... I must say... when I asked my friend Katrina (she's in tech support) about them, she went on and on of how she let me say... "dislikes" them. She likes her computers she has from them, but CAN NOT STAND dealing with their techincal support which is conveniently located in another country.... about a 27 hour flight from here. She had a lot to say, and I must admit. It did put a seed of guilt in my mind.

But! To be fair, I had to consult with a couple of other people. They did nothing but rave about Dell. So... the price was right, the two had positive votes, 1 negative... the price was right so I went for it. After days and days of searching for the right one, learning about laptops, the search was finally over. I was very excited.

So today, imagine my reaction when I found out that they had no order on file for me. I gave them all the information I had, and even told them that I was on the fence between the Dell and the HP. I asked if they would honor the Black Friday deal. No deal. They wouldn't do it. The going price was now $504, no free delivery, no free printer. Whammo. I lost out.

As I sat here, instant messaging Katrina, she laughed. Well not a sarcastic laugh, but an (I knew I hated Dell for a reason, Laugh). She said it was a sign. I called Jason... not knowing what Katrina said, he says, "It's a sign". lol. He chuckled too, knowing what I went through for them to do this to me.

So HOORAY for CYBER MONDAY!!! It couldn't have happened on a better day. Jason started rattling off names of computer companies. I wrote them down. HP, Compaq (I now know they are the same company), Gateway (the one with the cow), etc. So I went to HP's website. They had a gazillion laptops on sale.

In a nutshell to wrap this up because I'm getting carpal tunnel, I got the HP. I got it LOADED with everything I could need on it, A free Printer, Upgraded RAM, Upgraded Hard Drive, Software, $330 in rebates......... all for less than Dell wanted for their Black Friday Special.

Now that's what I call GOOD KARMA! You get back what you send out. It's been a relatively good day.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Electric Personality

Emily, testing the laws of physics
(she is standing up right, holding a pillow over her head)

Quote from Greg on the way home from Mike & Mary Ann's wedding in October;

"God made my butt, and gave it to you Mom, and THAT makes me Catholic!"
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Good to the last drop!

Gregory savoring every bite of Aunt Pattie's (on left)
Strawberry Pie
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Ummmm yes, I'd like to file a complaint...

Ok, I'm getting on my soap box.
I'm not one to complain especially when it could get someone into trouble, but here it comes...
Today the kids and I visited Grandma, then went to Petsmart to get Cat food for the boys, Booster & Pumpkin. Petsmart isn't the type of place you take kids when you're in a hurry. We looked at fish, dead fish, sharks, parrots, finches, parakeets, chinchilla's, little mice, cats, horse stuff... plus got the food. Here is my gripe...
We ALWAYS go look at the kitties that are up for adoption. We never adopt any because I value my marriage too much, plus just don't want another cat in my house, but we always visit them, talk to them and play with them for a little bit.
On each cage, there is a sheet telling what kind of cat it is, male or female, neutered or spayed, declawed or not, and a large section telling why that cat is there, or just general characteristics of it, like... needs to be only cat, very loving cat, etc...
Well the past few times that I've been there, I've noticed something else that just got on my nerves. The person that writes up the forms, seems to feel it's necessary to tell what they think of the owners that got rid of those cats...
Like today... one cat was found wandering on a road. So the person writing the form went on to say how the owner wouldn't have "LOST" the kitty if the cat was left inside the house ALL THE TIME. It was more descriptive than I'm being, but you get the gist of it.
Then another one... "Owners brought cat to shelter because they are moving to California. Apparently the state isn't big enough for both of them"
You know.. (here I go) When they post those, they have NO IDEA what the situation is that people either lost their cats, or gave them to a shelter, but regardless it doesn't need the writers judgement put on that paper.
I've seen this every time I've been in that store for the past few times, and it is very disturbing. I just got off the phone with their customer service, who is sending my complaint to Corporate. I told them..."You know, I LOVE my cats dearly and it would absolutely crush me to have to get rid of them. The only way I would do it is if it was 100% necessary. First of all, I would NEVER let them go by letting them outside, but secondly, I would NEVER bring them to a Petsmart Adoption center, because the people that write those forms, would make me feel like crap. How do they know that the person that has to move to California isn't visiting their kitty every now and then until they actually leave the state? How would they feel to see what that writer said about them?" Regardless of how those cats got there, it isn't the place of the employee's to cast judgement on the previous owners.
Now, I'm posting this, because if someone get's canned out of this (and I hope they don't), and they decide to come bust a cap in my ass, y'all are witnesses. (Please make sure that the Prosecuting Attorney is aware of my not wanting anyone to get fired) The Customer Service knows my name, address and phone number along with email address. I just want to know that the next time I go in there, I'm not going to be reading someone's opinion that is shredding someone else apart.
And once again, that is my .02 cents.

Have yourself a merry little......

Mai Tai..... lol. Caught you didn't I? So I did it. For the first time ever, I went out with the crazies on Friday morning. Donna (Emily's godmother), her neighbor Suzy (I worked in the ER with her sister in law for years w/o knowing they were related) met at Target on 26 Mile Road at 6. Actually I was there almost an hour before they were. I woke up at 4:41 with a sudden case of anxiety.

My mind was reeling on how am I going to work part time? Funny how you can work out life's most challenging issues while laying in bed. So I decided to get up. I got up, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, hat on, clothes on and out the door by 5. THANK GOD Starbucks was open. Bleary eyed, I pulled into the drive through for my Venti Gingerbread Latte. Both the gal behind the window and I were both laughing that we were infact vertical at this hour. I was very appreciative of my latte.

So, I should have went to Meijer for the 20" LCD Flat Panel TV for $99. Instead, I went to Target and watched the line of crazies for 45 minutes from my car. There was nothing on my list that was so imperative that I waited in line in 30 degree temperatures for. So, I parked nice and close to the door, listened to 80's music on XM radio, and enjoyed my latte from my roasting hot car.

Donna and Suzy pulled up. By this time, the line that was midway down the side of the building was now around the building, down the length of the parking lot, and out to Van Dyke. INSANE..
Well... there are 2 sets of doors on the building. West side doors and right around the corner are North Side doors. The line was for the west side doors, so we casually walked up to the north side doors and entered immediately while the line was still out to Van Dyke. Now... I don't think I was cheating, because I got there early and the line was very short when I got there. I just decided to wait in my car. Plus, I don't think a lot of people realized the north doors would go in that fast. So we all grab carts. I swear to god, it was like something out of that show "Supermarket Sweep". Buggies ramming into each other, people hightailing it to the back of the store. It was nuts! It was so much fun!!!! It was amazing to see piles of stuff just disappear in seconds. We got everything on our lists. Infact we plotted out next years strategy already too, lol.

Two people are going to take the shopping lists, including the third persons, and go directly in w/out a buggy and go get the goods. The third person is going to score 2 buggies and go wait in a not so crazy part of the store. That way we can expedite things. It will work out perfectly. Now for check out. This was INSANE...

The line started at electronics at the front left of the store, went all the way to the back of the store, through the Christma stuff, back up the main aisle to the other side of Electronics, across the front of the store, to the check-outs.

All in all, it took probably less than 45 minutes to check out. Again, it was so much fun, I will definitely do this again next year. In fact, the Deals are so good on other things, that I think Den and the boys should go out too. Wahooo!!

Thanksgiving was GREAT. The food was wonderful and this year, instead of the turkey taking way too long to cook, it was done in record timing in the roaster pan on the counter. The food was amazing and I sincerely appreciated everyone bringing something.

We're already planning out our food menu for Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a day! Recipe included...

Omg, I am so exhausted. Literally. Just wiped out. Greggo had some issues last night. He woke up twice from nightmares. At 6, I finally let him get in our bed. Choose your battles, I say. Then I was up by 7 and in the shower. Comcast dude was coming to install a digital phone system. He was so nice! I was asking him about our wireless router and said that we were looking into getting a laptop. The last Comcast dude that came over, took out the router and was a jerk about it. This guy got it connected, up and running in a matter of moments. I tipped him some cold cash for doing it, as Best Buy would have charged me over $100 to come do it. WAHOOO!!!

I ordered the Dell. I just decided that I would rather know it is on it's way, rather than stand outside of Best Buy waiting for what could be.... nothing. I'm still thinking of going shopping on Friday with Donna and Suzy, but am not really in the market for anything. Maybe I'll finish our Christmas shopping, ;o)

I had my interview today at the Beaumont Building... OH MY, MY...

Granite countertops, stone faced walls, glass doors, plasma TV's in every room... For those of you waiting with baited breath to find out where it's going to be... When you are driving down Hall Road, heading west, and you look over at the building. It is going to be on that south side of the bldg. That WHOLE side. The urgent care is connected to the practice that is going in (our doc is putting a 3rd practice there), via a door. The practice will have 18 beds. When the practice is closed, we will use it for overflow of the urgent care.

They said that they are to have the keys by December 1. I laughed.... Unless they are working 24/7, there is no way. Regardless, it is going to be stunningly beautiful. They are trying to appeal to the neighborhood crowd. Trust me. They'll do it.

The PA I met with is the medical director. He said my credentials are exactly what they are looking for. I have the job, but he needs to go to the partners on it first. But, I pretty much have the job as "Steve" (or doc) says so, lol. I'm so excited but very nervous too. I have to make this work.

So, that's what happened today. And now for the recipe:

Emeril's Red Rooster's
1 1/2 qts cranberry juice cocktail
1 (6-ounce) can frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Thawed
2 Cups Vodka
Combine all ingredients in large plastic container. Freeze for several hours.
It will not freeze solid, but rather a slushy consistancy.
Scoop into punch cups or wine glasses and serve.
We all like this and have made it for the past couple years.
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006

To Be or Not to be... that is the question...

At Best Buy at the crack of dawn on Friday morning... Since I am going back to school in January, I have decided that it would be very worth my while to pick up a laptop computer. That way I can work on my papers and such without tying up the family computer for hours at a time. So... my mom tells me that Best Buy has a Hewlett Packard laptop computer that they are going to sell for $379 on Friday morning. It's almost $400 off the regular price. I went to Best Buy today and wanted to see if I could "see it". I have never owned a laptop before and have no idea about buying one. They didn't have it there for me to see it. But instead, the dude at the computer counter talked with me for a while and told me what to look for in a laptop. He said..."TRUST ME, It's worth it to get in line early!" So... do I join the nutcases and go get in line like at midnight? $400. $400. hmmm $400. Is it worth it?

More so... what loving soul would go with me to keep me safe? Hey Jason... whatcha doing Thanksgiving night? lol. I'm going to debate on this one for another day or two. I'm queasy with anticipation. They said that they will hand out numbers to those in line. So... if I'm number 1 or 2, will I get #1 or 2?

Hmmmm need to think on this one.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

And the Mother of the Year Award goes to....

For donating 2 of Greg's precious toys to charity...
From the bathroom, I could hear him just sobbing and sobbing. I came out and found him staring out the window as the Purple Heart man loaded the toy grocery cart and little boat onto the truck, amongst a ton of other stuff we were getting rid of.
Try and explain charity to a 5 year old. I was just sick of picking up these two toys all the time. The grocery cart would always fall apart, and end up in a heap.
Santa will take care of Beaudreaux. I promise.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I was here...

First off, I would like to apologize for being here but not "being here" this week. The icing on the cake for me was when I found out that Gregory was the only one at school today without money for the book fair. It has been a horrendous and long week. I was here, but I wasn't "here".

For starters... I found Elke. I called her parents and her Dad gave me her number. I called it several times, only to have her husband call me and tell me she does not want to talk to me and that I should stop calling. I fell apart on the phone and told him that I have no idea why and asked if he knew why. Please just tell me why. I will leave her alone. I found that video last weekend and desperately wanted her to have a copy. It was such a funny video. He said I should send the video to her and that her seeing it, may change something and she may call me. After the lengths I went through to find her, for her to say, "Stop calling, I don't want to talk to you", I have decided not to send her the video.

Apparently her friendship meant more to me than mine ever did to her. I was heart broken. Not only that, I found out that her Mom died 4 1/2 years ago. Had I known that, I would have been there to pay my respects, whether Elke liked it or not. I have been very emotional about this, this past week. He told me to send the video to her Dad. Instead, I sent a letter. I told her that I have absolutely no idea what I did to her to make her do this, and that someone would have to go through some pretty drastic measures for me to do it to them. She no longer deserves a copy of the video, so I'm going to save it for myself. I'm just not going to watch it for a long time!

Chris's Mom died on Sunday. Chris is Greg's Godfather, and one of our most dearest friends. This was also a hard blow to take. Jackie had cancer. She fought this cancer harder than think I have ever seen anyone fight. When things looked bleak, she wasn't lying in a hospital bed. Hell no. That woman was taking her entire family to Disney World. When things looked grim, she was in Downtown Detroit, doing the cancer walk. I never dreamed it would end this way for her. I also learned a lot about Deanna through this whole process. Sometimes Deanna and her Mother-in-law didn't always agree. I was there saying, "Deanna, throw in the towel, this woman keeps hurting you, and it's hard to watch it. How much more can you take?".

Deanna didn't throw in the towel. In fact, she used it to help wash Jackie off when Jackie couldn't shower by herself any longer. She sat by her bedside day after day, planning the funeral that Jackie wanted to have. They became close friends. She basically orchestrated the entire thing, because Jackie confided in Deanna and told her what she wanted. Come hell or high water, Deanna made sure it got done, and let me tell you... it did. Today as Deanna read her Eulogy, I sat there with tears streaming down my face, and realized how lucky I am to have such a fantastic friend on my side. Sometimes I feel she has too many irons in the fire, as we all do, I realize that she is everything to everyone, and most importantly, she is a wonderful wife to Chris, and an amazing mother to her beautiful children. I am so lucky to have her on my side.

It was a very eye opening experience today. I suddenly appreciated my friends and family more than ever before. I love each and every one of them for very specific reasons. I can't remember the last time I cried at a funeral this much. Honestly, I spent the entire week just depressed as hell. One thing I did realize though... I have been so worried about Elke contacting me, when I suddenly realized... Why would I want someone like that in my life? Why would I go looking for something when it is right in front of my face? I have friends that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. She has proven to me, that she has qualities that I just am not looking for in a friend. It was a very enlightening experience.

As my final send off to Elke, I wrote her a letter. I did ask her to please tell me what happened, but mostly, I assured her that this letter is my very last attempt to contact her again. Although I sincerely want to know what she thinks happened that made her end our friendship, I have closed the door on this portion of my life. It is on a shelf and I'm not going to let it consume any more of me. I have absolutely NO space for rent in my head. Elke, your time is up.

I'm feeling a bit dehydrated today. As the song goes... I'm all cried out. It is nice and warm in the house. Dennis is finally home after working 72 hours straight. The kids are glad that no one is here today. It's a great night to be at home and to be part of a family.

Tomorrow, we will be watching Michigan KILL Ohio State. They are going to do it in honor of Bo, and we will be watching with heavy hearts.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I love this joke. It reminds me of my sister, lol (she's the blonde)

Come for the bull
Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble. In order to keep the bank from re-possessing the ranch they need to purchase a bull from*a stockyard in a far-away town so that they can breed their own stock. They only have $600 left. Upon leaving, the brunette tells her sister, "When I get there, if I decide to buy the bull, I'll contact you to drive out after me and haul it home." The brunette arrives at the stockyard, inspects the bull, and decides she wants to buy it. The man tells her that he will sell it for $599, no less. After paying him, she drives to the nearest town to send her sister a telegram to tell her the news. She walks into the telegraph office, and says, "I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her that I've bought a bull for our ranch. I need her to hitch the trailer to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can haul it home." The telegraph operator explains that he'll be glad to help her, then adds, "It's just 99 cents a word." Well, after paying for the bull, the brunette only has $1 left. She realizes that she'll only be able to send her sister one word. After a few minutes of thinking, she nods and says, "I want you to send her the word "comfortable." The operator shakes his head. "How is she ever going to know that you want her to hitch the trailer to your pickup truck and drive out here to haul that bull back to your ranch if you send her just the word "comfortable?" The brunette explains, "My sister's blonde. The word's big. She'll read it very slowly... com-for-da-bull."

Reaching for the paper bag once again...

I am almost hyperventilating. I am on the biggest adrenalin rush I have had in YEARS. I just got a phone call.................................... No not from Elke. I'm still waiting and plan on calling her again this evening. I'm not giving up until I verbally speak to her and get the signal that this relationship can't be saved.

I got a call from the Physicians Assistant that is going to be the medical director of the Urgent Care!!!!!! He said that Dr. Kotsonis personally handed him my resume' and told him that I'm pretty much hired, but they have to get the techincalities over with. I am to meet him at the Beaumont Bldg on Tilch at 10 am on the 22nd. I am so excited, I can barely breathe.

They say that ANY kind of stress is bad on your body. It produces a chemical that leaves a residue in your body and doesn't totally go away. With this knowledge, I try very hard to lead a stress free life. So, is this excitement stress or just excitement?

I need a manicure, hair done, and thank god I had my eyebrows done last week! lol.

Good Karma! I'm so excited. WAHOOOOOO!!!!!

My life is about to get insane! My college classes start in January. Emily laughed when she heard I am going back to school. Momma has a big brain in that coconut on her shoulders, and she's going to show it to you little girl!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Piano Teacher Needs Students!

Autumn, our Piano teacher, is looking for students!
On Tuesday's, she has been driving to Lansing to give lessons to 13 students.
They are mostly home schooled students, so she does their lessons during the day.
The drive is getting a bit much for her, so she is looking for students on this side of the state.
She is well educated, and let me tell you...
When we went to Emily's recital in June, and heard what some of these kids are playing, we were blown away. I've never seen a 13 year old play Mozart on the piano before,
not to mention his sister was playing the violin at the same time with him.
It was amazing.
So! Autumn Zook is her name,
Her number is: 586-913-5217
You don't have to have a piano for the lessons. Greg, Emily and I are all taking lessons, and we use a Yamaha keyboard. It has 88 keys like a piano, and also the foot peddle. Costco has a great selection of them. They have one with weighted keys (feels more like a piano key) that I wish they had when we got ours, but still - I'm happy with what we have.
If you, or your children are looking to play piano, call her.
Make sure you tell her that I gave you her number. She has NO idea that I'm blogging this,
I'm just trying to help a gal out!

Mission Accomplished!

I got her phone number. I called her parents again and her dad gave it to me. I'm so excited. I'm going to call her in an hour... after my kids go to bed and I can talk uninterrupted. I hope she is excited to hear from me too! Cross your fingers for me. I need good Karma coming this way.

Where is Elke?

I'm losing my mind. I am trying to find Elke. She stood up in our wedding, then a year later, I stood up in her's. For stupid reasons, we stopped talking. Now that I've grown up and realize what a dumb ass I was being, I need to find her.

Laura sent me the thing. I tried it. I called every listed number they gave for her. Nada.

Today I called her parents house and left a message for her. I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring like a bonehead.

On Sunday, when we cleaned out the basement, in my box of precious memories, I came across a video tape that we made together in college. Elke and I were painting a mural in the hallway of the art building. The video is absolutely hysterical, and I am going to make a copy for her. I know she would love it. I just don't know how to find her. It's making me nuts!

I have tried every search engine I could. I even tried looking up her husband... Carmine Rinaldi. Called all of those numbers too. Nothing.

If anyone has a killer search engine that they just know would work for me, please, please pass it along to me. I feel like such a dumb ass for letting so much time go by before contacting her, but I'm still going to do it. Before I lose my mind.

That's what's on my plate for today.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stunning Resemblance!

Gregory 11/12/06

Greg's Papa (Val's Dad) as a child!
We found this photo in stuff we got from my Grandma's house. Dennis was shocked at how much Greg and Papa look alike!
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well worth the money!

Have you ever had something done to your house, that you thought was a little pricey, but knew it needed to be done? Of course with anything that HAS to be done, it could be cheap and I would still think it's pricey. That's only because I could easily think of other things that I could have bought with that money. We got bids from 2 other contractors and went with the best price.

Today we had Rusty come to our house. He is an electrician, and the husband of one of Greg's teachers from a couple years ago. In a matter of a few hours, he put in an new electrical panel, ran a new wire from the outside box to the inside box, and installed additional plugs in the garage. He also fixed a little glitch in a plug in Emily's room. He also found that we had water leaking into the closet that the electrical box is in. Those walls inside there aren't drywalled. He fixed that too!

Part of what we originally planned to have done was in the kitchen. If any of you have been here for parties, you may well be aware that in this house... we do not run the microwave and toaster oven at the same time. Turn on the coffee pot and whammo, you're heading for the circut breaker in the basement. It is the suckiest of problems to have in a kitchen. The idea was that we were going to install a new microwave above the stove. After doing a lot of research, we found that it wasn't going to be possible. The cabinets are only 12" deep over the stove, and the microwaves are 16" deep. Not to mention they are 16" in height too. That means that if I make sauce in my BIG stock pot as I usually do, I won't be able to see into it to mix it. So... we nixed that idea. We figured we would just come up with something later.

So while Rusty was installing the new box, he found out that the old box had 4 breakers running to something that wasn't labeled (it was like that when we moved in), so he had no idea what it was to. The 4 breakers were going to 2 items the way they were wired. So, he was thinking it was probably the kitchen. So, when he finished, he said he may have fixed the kitchen problem. Can you imagine that?!

So tonight, while I was making dinner, I had the toaster oven going, the microwave, and I thought about turning on the coffee pot, but didn't because I didn't want coffee. I ran the two things for as long as it took to cook chicken tenders and make steamed green beans. Nothing happened. It didn't trip the breaker. So tomorrow is the true test. Den and I are going to try and see if we can trip the breaker in the kitchen. If not... then problem fixed!

It was SO worth the money to have this done. Rusty works for a private contractor but does other jobs on the side. He said that winter is his slow time and is looking for side jobs. So, if you need an electrician, he comes with our highest recommendation! Let me know and we will forward his number to you.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where have I been!?

I'm sorry for all the big time spans in between my postings. I have become an eBay junkie in the past week. I had a bunch of stuff that I put on there and it all sold! I'm so excited to get rid of things I'm not using. It's so much easier than doing a garage sale too, because it only takes a few minutes of your time, then eBay handles the rest.

Think of it this way... I had a Pampered Chef baking stone that I put on there. Now had I put it in a garage sale, I may have marked it $5. Then, the customer would have probably tried to talk me down further in price. And of course, since I feel that my door is only a one way door when it comes to garage sales, I would go lower.

Instead, I put it on eBay. I took photo's of it, uploaded them to the eBay site, and started the bidding at $2 with an $8 shipping charge. At the close of the auction in 7 days, the stone sold for a grand total of $21! So it does pay to sell stuff on there. Infact, My palms are itchy to get more stuff on there. I would rather get rid of it that way. I'm so excited about it!

On another note... I'm stepping into my girlfriends shoes tomorrow night (Friday). Deanna (Greg's godmother) sells Tastefully Simple and is actually very successful at it. She's been doing it for a couple years now, and has a whole team of consultants under her. Unfortunately, her Mother-in-law is losing her battle with cancer, and has been admitted to hospice care. She has gone downhill extremely fast, and Deanna, along with her husband and the rest of the family, need to be available on a moments notice to help her out.

With that being said, Deanna has asked me to do a party for her (I used to sell Tastefully Simple products a few years ago). So, of course I said yes. So tomorrow night, I am doing a party in Clawson, at my cousin's house. That's another reason I said yes, but I would have done it anywhere. I am a little nervous, but I know it will be fine.

When Dennis's mom died in January of 2005, Deanna and her husband Chris were at our sides through all of it. We knew Jeannie was going to die, and was in hospice care also, but it was a very fast event. All of this took place within 48 hours from the admittance to hospice until her death. So, while we were at the hospital, Deanna and Chris came to be with us. They took us to the cafeteria for dinner, and just stayed with us for hours on end. It meant so much to us. In my rushing out of my house, I had forgotten to grab money, nor did I have my ATM card. Deanna knowing this, took wads of money and shoved them into my pockets, so that we could get coffee, food or whatever. That's the kind of person she is.

I feel so bad that they are now going through this, but her Mother-in-law seems to be very comfortable in this stage, and I think it is making it a lot easier on them, rather than to hear her moaning in pain, or to see her suffering in any way. I never dreamed it would come to this for Jackie, but after doing chemo for years and years without end, I can understand why she is ready for this to be over. She is a remarkable woman, and she raised a GREAT son (Chris). I just hope that everyone has the opportunity to say the things they want to say to her while they can. Because being able to say goodbye to the ones you love, is an amazing gift in itself.

So in closing... I would like to say that I hope that tomorrow's party that I am doing for Deanna has amazing results. I want to get bookings galore for her to come back to work to. I want her to have orders like you can't imagine. She is one of the greatest friends a person could ever have, and she proves it every day. How can I not do this for her?

So... if you need any Tastefully Simple products, place your order! It can be shipped directly to your house. If you actually and really do need stuff, email me the order so that it goes on this party I'm doing for her. I won't make a dime, and I don't want to make a dime. I'm doing this for my friend. Email the order to me, and I will add it on to the party.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Workin for the weekend?

Remember that song... Workin for the Weekend. It may not be the title, but it is in the song... I look forward to the weekends. It is time to chill, do laundry, clean stuff that has piled up over the week.

This weekend was insane. Friday is a blurr. I can't even remember what we did. Saturday, Greg had a birthday party at Bouncin' kids. That place was a riot. The adults are even allowed to go on the bouncy things. They had mazes, obstacle courses and such. They should open these places up as exercise gyms for adults. I was physically exhausted after playing with him there. We had the BEST time.

Saturday night I went on a road rally. That was just a scream. We had so much fun. By the end of the night I had such a sore throat from all the running, laughing, screaming (we were all panicked and screaming at each other as the big red Clifford Mobile hauled ass down the road). We came in close to last place, but it was so much fun, we're looking forward to next year. There were a couple people in our car that haven't done it before, and a couple of people that had actually won them before, so it was a nice mix. We had a blast. I will be sure to post when next years is. All are invited.

Yesterday, the kids and I went to Mass. I told Greg that if he weren't good, we would sit through the next mass, and the one after that until he got it right. He was so amazing, that before it even started, he told me to shush as I was talking to Emily. lol. He was VERY good. He's looking forward to next Sunday already. I don't know why I don't go to church more. I really enjoy being there. There is something very warm, and welcoming about it to me.

We flew home, changed our clothes, then went to my nephew Chase's birthday party. He is 8 already! I can't believe it. We had a GREAT time bowling. Dennis was bowling the game of his life. I would be willing to believe that he would have EASILY gotten over 200.... had the damn game not shut off in the middle of it! He was SO PISSED, but laughing. It was unbelievable that this happened. They apparently put it in wrong when he paid. Shelby bowled a 137. Amazing for a chic that's only 6! She used bumpers, but regardless. I can't do that on a bumpered lane, even if I don't hit the bumpers. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Audrey, who bowls on a league, couldn't bowl to save her life yesterday. Probably too hung over from the bowling night before, ;o)

Anyway, here I am, listening to the whirr of my washing machine, and thinking I better go get that white turtle neck out of the dryer before it shrinks. The Man and I are thinking of running to Costco for Milk ($7 for 3 half gallons in cartons), and other stuff. It's a good day. It's beautiful outside.... and the kids are at school! Wahooo!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a stalker...

I have a stalker.
He has been following me for days.

Sometimes he doesn't even pay attention to me,
but today, he was every where I was.

I am so scared.
I don't know what he wants.

He lives very close and doesn't seem to want
anything to do with the kids.

It's just me.
I am so worried.

What if he attacks me?
Will I be able to fight him off?

I don't know who I should call.
I don't think the police would take it seriously.

I am so worried.
I've tried to ask him what he wants,
but again, he just ignores me.

He has reddish hair and green eyes.

A ha! I figured out what it is!

Domo Elegato, Kitty O'Kato wants to
Play in the sheets!!!!!!

Posted by Picasa Booster Kitty. Circa 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

News travels fast!

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Carry the torch...

Just so we are all on the same page... I am not and will never knock our military. Being that my brother is serving our country, there is no way, I will ever be against them. Here is my beef -when the leaders of our country lead our military people into a war that most of the citizens in this country are against, now I have a problem. Our armed forces have NO choice but to comply, until they can discharge if they wish to. If you don't comply with what your boss wants of you, you lose your job. These people do not have that luxury. Again, I will continue to support our military, but the leaders of this country have me questioning more than I ever have before.