Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Candid Camera

Den is in NY. He is there to see the Tigers play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium before it is torn down later this year. While there, he called me from 42nd & Broadway. Right in Time Square. On a whim, I decided to see if there were any webcams in that area. So I Googled it. And I found it! So I told him to walk to 46th & Broadway, and look for TGI Fridays. And he did.

And I found him... And the webcam let me snap a photo of him... and his partner. He is in the blue, wearing the Tigers windbreaker, white cap on backwards. I LOVE the internet.

Ellen with her Hawaii Chair

A new chair for your office!

Monday, April 28, 2008


We met Pierce and his family when he was one. They lived across the street with his Grandma. Shortly after, they moved to Jacksonville, FL where his dad found work in construction. We missed them so much. Then last summer, a UHaul truck came down the street, and by looking at the Florida plates, we KNEW they were back. It's been awesome ever since.

It is so convenient that Pierce is home all day. Now he's 3, but to me, he's an older 3 than most 3 year olds. He is very smart, and very nice. And when he does something that you have to correct him, he immediately apologizes and doesn't do it again... unless he forgets.

Greg and Pierce had been attached at the hip until a few weeks ago when he moved to Grand Blanc. It is so quiet without him here, and somewhat lonely. The good thing is that when they are out looking for homes, they frequently stay with Grandma, like this past weekend. As always, Greg & Pierce pick up right where they left off. They are good buddies.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Long.... but I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

It is what it is...

My favorite saying.... but not right now. I am so freaking stressed out that I can barely stand my own skin.

It started yesterday... actually a few days before that.

I was talking with my friend "D" and heard they were having some issues with getting another car. We are coming out of a lease in June and are having the same issues. With that came a light bulb moment. What if we BOTH approach a salesman together and see if it works in our favor. So she had been doing a lot of leg work with Blue Water Chrysler up in Port Huron.

The salesman said he could meet our needs, and wanted me to bring our current vehicle up for them to appraise it as they may buy it outright from GMAC. So I gave her a bath, and made the 45 mile journey north. After test driving the new vehichle, and picking out the one we wanted, he lays it on me that the price is actually $100 MORE than the original quote, AND if we wanted to get to the price we requested, we had to put down $2,500.

90 miles - round trip - EXPENSIVE GAS - the need for a babysitter.... FOR NOTHING.

It is what it is. I was leaving it at that. Getting upset about it isn't going to do a thing for me. It's over, it's done with.

Then the day just got progressively better and better as my dear daughter came home from school bawling to the point of hyperventilating because of B***S**** with friends.

I couldn't wait to go to bed. I just couldn't wait to get the day over with.

Fast Forward to Today.....

I went with Greg on a field trip. I rode with another mom who is constantly jamming on the brakes to the point that I would give my beloved Starbucks card, for a large dose of Excederine or mass quantity of Motrin. I just couldn't wait to get the h*** out of the place, out of her car, and more so, OUT OF THE SCHOOL once we returned.

So on the way home, Greg and I are talking about the HUGE tree we bought on Earth Day. It was coming today and was being planted in the front yard, where they took out our HUGE Ash tree a few years ago. We pull down our street in anticipation... only to find the tree, LAYING in the front yard. Stakes, Dirt and materials tossed around it.

Apparently there is a HUGE tree root from the ash tree, running right through the center of where the tree is to go.

IT NO LONGER IS WHAT IT IS. Stick a fork in me.... I'm done. I haven't shed one tear, yet everything in my body is telling me to let'er rip. It wouldn't be so bad if it were like 60 out, but it isn't. It's almost 80 and the rootball is cooking in the sun. I did put the sprinkler on it and soaked it pretty good.

UPDATE... since writing this, I have had 3 phone calls, made a call, had another call... which was from my DH the hero. A tree guy is going to call me, and is coming to grind out the stump - cheap cheap! TODAY! THEN... the other tree guy is coming back tonight to give it another whirl with planting.

WHEW.... things are FINALLY looking up!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Photos for your personal enjoyment...

Cat hair removed with the Furminator!

Sun roasted Chuckie


Bathing Beauties

Cat Nap x2

Friday, April 18, 2008

Silence is GOLDEN

Yesterday I had one of those, "Can't get moving" kind of days, and I mentally beat myself up for it. It was gorgeous out and I should have been very busy doing my "chores". Yet I sat on the sidewalk drawing Earth Day pictures with Emily. Then I helped Greg ride his bike. Then we went to Subway for dinner, which is taboo (as we're trying to cut back on eating out).

But today...

Today I woke up, and had my bed made and room cleaned before frick and frack left for school. I fed them breakfast, got Greg dressed, made sure they didn't go out the door with a face covered in muffin crumbs or tooth paste. After they left, I got a TON of stuff accomplished. PLUS... I showered, and did my hair...(which is a job now that I'm letting it grow out - and using a flat iron every day).

But the biggest thing I am noticing is how tranquil it is with the TV off, no music on, and literally nothing but the birds outside, and the cars out on the main road - which I think sounds like ocean waves if you close your eyes... that is until a fire truck comes barreling by.

Tranquil. Birds. Silence. It's a GREAT day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow! Is it Tuesday already?

I am so excited. I haven't posted because I've been "workin it" to the max! I had this HUGE party on Saturday that had 17 people, which I got 3 more bookings, and is close to hitting the legendary "$1,000" mark! No I don't get the $1000, I make a "percentage of it" which is very nice, BUT... I get my picture in the Gourmet Gab that Tastefully Simple sends out monthly! I am literally jumping up and down!!!

PLUS... not to mention... The Tigers WON last night! Wooohoooo! THAT was an exciting game! PLUS... Deadliest Catch starts tonight! Our "show" that has oddly enough turned into a strange obsession for me. I have been counting down the days. Thanks to my elusive nephew, who seems to have taken leave of his blog, he has kept me in the know with the actual "season premier" date. Thank you Chris.

The Secret ~ I mentioned this before. I read about half the book the first day. It was shortly after that I had the HUGE party. It's not all about the quid (cash), but about success. I just wanted success. I wanted a "GRAND" party for the book. I am still reading it, but am quite surprised at how things have suddenly taken a turn for the better.

With that... I wish you a BEAUTIFUL TUESDAY.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Today was a HUGE day of "FIRSTS". Greg learned how to ride his 2 wheeler. He did great at it and caught on quite quickly. I told him the same thing I told Melanie... and hoped it would work for him too :o)

Today we went to Barrymores with the kids. Being that Emily and Dennis are both playing ball this year, we hit the batting cages. Then Greg went in. My eyes were big as baseballs, as I worried about him getting beamed with a ball. He did great! Then I went in...

Have you EVER been to the batting cages? It is an AWESOME place to take out your aggressions. I had a blast in the baseball cage. The softball, however, was equivalent to hitting a bowling ball that someone lobbed to you. Literally. It took everything I had to hit that stupid ball, and it was coming at me sooooooo s....l....o....w....l....y.

After that... the go carts. OMG. I used to wonder, "What's so big about NASCAR". Now I know. 1. the rush. 2. beating everyone on the track. 3. Holding that wheel so tight and only for a few laps. I can't even imagine doing that for hundreds of miles. About the time it was over, my shoulders were killing me. All the while, Emily wanted to chat about the "big storm" that was supposed to come in... that we NEVER got. As she's leisurely chatting, I am driving balls to the wall, to make sure the little punks in the other carts didn't pass us. I ended up telling her to stop talking, because I was too stressed out to carry on a conversation, lol.

We came in second place, and even passed up Dennis and Greg who started out BEHIND us! Wooohooooo! I knew those EMS driving classes would come in handy one day! And now... my bed is calling me. I am SO exhausted...

BTW, Katrina - I am now reading "The Secret". I started it tonight and almost half way through it! It's a very easy read and I'm having lots of "light bulb" moments.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go there... make this....

PW's Pot Roast

I made it in the crock pot last night... browning everything on the stove first. OMG... We could have buried our faces in the crockpot it was so good. LICK THE BOWL CLEAN for sure! I did use the fresh Rosemary and Thyme. I just sat them right on top of everything.

BEEF! It's what's for dinner!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Confess...

Ok, here it comes. I'm putting it all out there for all to see....

I LOVE QVC. lol (that's a real LOL too, I can't believe I'm coming clean on this secret)
When nothing else is on TV, I can count on QVC to be there. To entertain me and to get the best of my credit card. One night I flipped it on and Bobbi Brown was on, giving make up lessons, and showing her latest palette of colors. I watched the ENTIRE HOUR of it.... then went to Macys the next day, had a makeover, and promptly purchased an undisclosed amount of products. Sure I could have bought it on QVC, but 1. I didn't know what shades to purchase, and 2. I wanted to save on shipping.

I like QVC for another reason... It can bore me to sleep. At night when again, nothing is on, and I'm watching from bed, I can count on it to lull me into a deep sleep. Guaranteed.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

The video...

The video below is awesome! Our friend Chris (Greg's godfather), picked up his son from school, and took him down to Comerica Park to see the game. Joey totally didn't know he was going. While signing up for the kids club, a park official came up and asked if Joey would like to throw out the opening pitch! Chris and Joey were both speechless! But of course they mustered out a YES!

So Joey, who is just an amazing kid, and possibly my future son in law if Emily has it her way, got to throw out the first pitch! We weren't able to see it on TV, but lucky enough, Chris figured out the video feature on his digital camera and was able to capture it.

WAY TO GO JOEY!!!! And luckly for me... and YOU for that matter I posted it here ONLY because those of you who have been "invited" are the ONLY ones that can see it! Unless of course you go looking for it on Youtube as I did. ;o)

Joe's First Pitch

Chance of a Lifetime!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tell Me...

I want to know what YOU think if this... Transgender Man Says He Kept Uterus Intending to Become Pregnant

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All...

Our View from Sect. 216 Row 12. Normally we are in 151, which is here.... orange arrow points to my seat. The visitors bull pen is between the wall with the advertisements (yellow line is top of that wall), and the green wall, with "Get Tickets Tigers.com" GREAT SEATS!

A Swing and a MISS!!!

My New Tiger... Cabrera... because he's cute ;o)

I must add that a comment was made that I pick the majorly good players, which IS NOT TRUE... because Mike Maroth was my Tiger and now he's down in AAA.

Denny and I... after a few pops over at the Elwood. Don't ask why my hair is blonde. I have no idea why it appears that way.
I was going to quiz if y'all know Jason Carr from Fox 2 news, then realized that a lot of you westsiders might not watch Fox Detroit News. He's next to Denny with the microphone. VERY cool guy. Talked to him quite a few times. I think he would have rather hung out with us drinking! I bet he is a really fun guy. He has a very fun personality.