Saturday, June 28, 2008

This makes me sick...

American Axle CEO Gets $8.5 million Bonus
Last Update: 11:48 am
DETROIT (AP) - American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. Chairman and CEO Richard Dauch has been awarded an $8.5 million bonus in part for leading the auto parts supplier through a bitter strike. The bonus revealed Friday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission is in addition to his earlier reported 2007 compensation valued at $5.55 million. About 3,650 United Auto Workers union members at American Axle's five original facilities in New York and Michigan went on strike Feb. 26 for nearly three months, but later ratified a contract with deep concessions. Most of Dauch's previously reported pay was stock and options worth roughly $3.99 million on the day they were granted. He also earned $1.47 million in salary and $94,684 in other compensation.

My brother and sister (both family breadwinners) are about to lose their jobs. This literally makes me want to throw up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I LOVE Fruity Pebbles. There isn't much to them, and they get mushy really fast, but they are packed with flavor. Of course I don't eat them often because I can't imagine they are healthy, but I still love em.

Inquiring minds want to know.... What is YOUR favorite cereal and what do you like about it? Feel free to post your favorite "healthy, and non healthy" varieties.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday I decided that I absolutely HAD to get my flowers into the ground, into the pots. I have been putting it off FOREVER. Finally I had to do it. For some reason NOTHING ever gets put back where it belongs. I am quite sure I am somewhat to blame for this.

I went to the shed and got out my stuff. I came to the garage and got myself organized. As I stuck my hand into the glove, I felt something "soft". I took my hand out, and looked into it. It was a NEST. I literally shed my skin, broke the windows within a mile radius screaming, and proceeded to jump around the garage flipping out while Dennis stood there laughing. I'm still shuddering while I type this.

We did throw the gloves away and think it was a mouse nest, as there was a tiny hole chewed in the top of the glove. Next year, the gloves will be kept inside the house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The "Jennifer"

Ok, so I KNOW you remember when Jennifer Aniston was known for her fabulous hair. I still love that cut to this day. But that isn't the inspiration for this post. Well actually I guess it is... is our homepage. Everyday when I log on, that is the first thing that comes up. Lately they have been showing stars from "then and now". I have to say that just looking at a photo of Jennifer Aniston from her Friends days, conjures up a huge amount of memories and emotions so strong they are almost palpable.

I watched Friends while in college. Actually pretty much through out my college years. Just looking at this photo, I vividly remember my EMS classes. Working concerts and clubbing down in Detroit, being so addicted to Depeche Mode, I saw them twice within one year, and partied with them at the State Theater (photo is around here somewhere). I bought my first new car (on my own), I lost a job working at a mortgage company, and took up to watching Star Trek The Next Generation until the wee hours of the night with my cousin. I still think of that when I have a slurpee, and laffy taffy. Total sugar rush.

I hung out with wild people and did things I never dreamed I would do. I went to places I never thought I would, and saw a different side of life that was a total blast. It was there, in the early 90's when I met Dennis in a parking lot. We dated off and on, and on, and on until I moved in with him in 95. We were engaged in 96, and married in 97. We were with child in 98 until she was born in 99.

It is totally insane how fast time goes by. And even more nuts how just a photo can suddenly transport you to a different time. I would love to know what YOU were doing when Friends was on TV.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wii would like to play...

I never understood that commercial. The two asian dudes standing at the door handing the little white thingy over. Now I get it. We LOVE our Wii... and we love it even more that we got Monkey Ball for it. The kids got sucked in a couple days ago when we picked it up. It wasn't until I saw Emily trying to play "Red Light/Green Light" that I HAD to play. You know the game... someone stands facing the other way, and when their back is turned, you walk towards them. If they turn around and catch you moving, you have to go back to start. Bring back memories?

Well Wii has the same version on Monkey Ball. What a game! Let me tell you that there is no way possible that I can even move my arms above my head. My body is screaming from me "getting into it", because I just HAD to win.

And in honor of doing something "different" this summer, we have been riding our bikes more. I had the brilliant idea of us parking at Metroparkway and Crocker, leaving the car, but picking up the bike trail, and riding into Metropolitan Beach for dinner. We rode the entire distance, all the way to the lake. We watched the boats come in and out of the black creek, and the U.S. Coast Guard pop some dude for throttling up in a no wake zone. We love seeing someone get popped, lol as long as it isn't us. :o)

Well let's just say that this great idea of mine was a lot longer of a ride than I originally remembered. So now not only do my arms ache from the Wii, my booty is aching from that freaking bike seat. I think it will be an easier trip next time after I get the bike in for a tune up.

I'm so exhausted. I have to go medicate now...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And they will write...

Summer is here. It may only be 60 today, but summer is definitely here. And I know, because we have all been staying up late, and sleeping in all morning. I LOVE that there are no more forms to send, papers to sign, checks to write (I actually wrote the school 5 different checks in one sitting once). I am so glad it is over.

But... they will bicker. And they will bicker. And I have decided... They will write when they bicker. They are going to write sentences. And they have decided that they LIKE to write sentences, although they haven't even done it yet. Emily LOVES to write anything, but she has no idea how to "write" sentences like WE did when we were little.

So as it stands... the threat alone has worked to calm small fires, but if necessary, I WILL pull out the heavy artillery... pencils and paper. We'll see how THIS goes.

How is YOUR summer starting out?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let me explain...

I have a theory on the storms we've had recently... and I think it's our fault.

1. We turned on our sprinklers after not using them for an unsaid number of years (after we had the pool put in, because we didn't know what to do with one of them).

2. Because I opened up my big trap and said, "You know... we never get any storms like we used to."

Yep. Classic case of open mouth, insert foot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is an update to the post below...

I went back up to the school to give Emily a sweater, and she showed me a new T-shirt she was given. Apparently in between my trips to the school, one of the children that was picked to do the announcements had quit, leaving the position open for Emily. The Tshirt has a TV on the front with the name of her school on it, and the back says "CREW".

She was so excited, I thought she would rupture something! What a relief!

More than Parenting

Today I found out some news that has reduced me to tears. My beautiful daughter has once again been passed over on the school announcements. Every morning, the announcements are broadcast throughout the school via television. Try-outs are held at the end of the year for open positions. This year was Emily's third attempt.

As I went into the school to see her, and to give her some medication for an infection she's developed, the teacher responsible for the announcements, told me of the news. It took everything I had to not start crying right there at the desk in the office... and I hadn't even seen my child yet. How was I going to hold myself together while seeing Emily. I knew right then if she cried, I was going to cry too. And if she cried, I was taking her home for the day.

This has been a pretty bad week for her, and it seems to be one hit after another lately. I am ready for school to be out. And this final blow has brought her mom to tears... for her.

When I saw her, she didn't look ok, even though she told me she was. I held it together long enough to kiss and hug her goodbye, and to let her go back to her class. As I walked through the doors of the building, the tears started rolling. My heart is broken for her because she wanted this so badly, that she rehearsed every morning at the breakfast table.

As you know from previous posts, this year hasn't been smooth sailing for this child. She's had multiple issues with friends that have since dissipated. I am ready for her to be out of school and in the safety of her home so we can protect her once again... until September.

I am a wreck, and she is so strong.

Ticker Added

I'm so excited. I'm going to Nationals. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. I have been having an absolute riot with Tastefully Simple and this unbelievable team I'm on. So I'm joining them in Minneapolis in August. And I can't wait. So hijacking from Jro's website, I've added the ticker, because I just can't wait!

What's in YOUR planner for this summer?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pop Quiz


What job can you have, that you are wrong more than 50% of the time and still have a job?

Weather person aka meteorologist.

Last night, before we went to bed, we watched the news. Nothing on the radar, nothing in the forecast.

Fast forward to 2:30 this morning. I got up with Emily, who was not feeling well, due to a sunburn she got yesterday. I noticed it was lightening outside, but no thunder.

3:00am - Emily comes and gets in our bed. It is lightening and thundering like crazy - to the point that now none of us can sleep. It was one after another, after another.

THEN IT HAPPENS. HUGE STRIKE OF LIGHTENING AND IMMEDIATE CRASH OF THUNDER. Scared the crap out of all of us. Dennis got up and looked out. I expected he would find our tree out front blown to smithereens, and the windows of his truck blown out, with smoking tires. NOTHING. No evidence of where it hit.

Regardless, it was a "What the H-E double hockeysticks" moment.

If I were wrong more than 50% of the time in my job... I would be OUT OF A JOB.
BTW... Emily wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Who would have known that the drink buckets would be such a huge smash hit this year?! And it isn't even summer yet!!! Yes my beverage loving friends, Tastefully Simple has come out with some spectacular products in the Spring/Summer line.

Normally I don't plug TS on here, but I just came home from a great meeting in which I won $50 off my Nationals, Cookbooks, a Tastefully Simple Apron (which I just said I needed on Friday - funny how the law of attraction works) , a license plate cover, and a BUNCH of other things.

At the meeting, we found out that the drink buckets pictured below have sold OVER 140% MORE than originally projected. In fact they have sold so many that they ran out of the cute oval buckets that they originally came in, and are now temporarily being packaged in round buckets. Isn't that insane? And I will admit... I HAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEEE tequila. HATE it. Stems from previous baaaaad experience. HOWEVER.... I was told at a party, "In really good margaritas, you can't taste the tequila".... and the girl was right! This margarita mix is so awesome, I have one of each bucket, sitting in my pantry right now, ready for me to share with some summer guests! And yes... they look THAT good in real life.

Mango Breeze Margarita Mix

Samba Sangria Slush Drink Mix

I wouldn't ever try to sell something "just because"... but this stuff is awesome! You can make it up and throw it in your freezer. It's also perfect when you've had a crappy day. Would you believe the Sangria bucket holds 2 (yes two) bottles of wine, PLUS water?! (just mix it in a bowl first, then pour it back into the bucket to freeze).

Regardless, this is an item you just can't get through summer without. Especially if you are having a staycation this summer (staying home).

If you are interested in ordering, click my link on the side (not the photo, but under it). Now word of advice... shipping can be a bit steep. Tastefully Simple believes in the fact that you should have it asap, so they use Fed Ex. Save on your shipping... have a friend or family member place their" with you, and split the shipping. It's much more economical that way.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Review...

We started this weekend with a certain girl turning 9! Her birthday fell on Friday, so we had a family party in her honor. It was so nice. It was warm out, and we had a lot of laughs.

Shortly after Nana & Papa left, the natives started getting restless. Momma & Papa birdie wouldn't feed them while we were on the patio, and soon enough, their babies started squawking!

And of course, there is Fuzznut. 2 years and counting, she's been a consistant visitor. Got nuts?