Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Laughing...

OMG, I just finished reading Apprehension on the Pioneer Woman's blog. What a scream. I was laughing and laughing. I mean I would NEVER let my kid do that first off. But PW has her own orthopedic surgeon. Still, it is a riot. I see a lot of Emily in her child. Brave as all get out... until the moment comes. She'll still do it, but not w/o a tear or two first. Read it and enjoy! Be sure to scroll down until you see her daughter.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eternally Grateful

When I was younger, I didn't fully understand the impact that Memorial Day would have on me that it does now. I find myself reflecting on the things that I have, and realize that if it weren't for the sacrifice that military men and women have made - past and present, we would not be able to enjoy the life that we live. For that... I am eternally grateful.

Today we enjoyed seeing new visitors to the birdfeeder...

Seeing the clematis on our porch finally in bloom...

Looking at the temperature, and wondering if it is ok to put away the coats and gloves...

Seeing this beautiful critter sprawled out on our bed under the fan...

Watching this American Boy cool off with a drink...

Witnessing a water war develop between the boys and girls on the street...

And seeing the first set of babies born under the arbor...

I am forever proud to be an American.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Reason...

One reason I am so busy these days...

I wouldn't miss her anticipation for anything in the world.

Watching that ball whizz by the batter straight into her glove...

Seeing this reaction after hitting a triple.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Off we go.... Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

It is official. My nephew Chris is IN THE NAVY! He left for Great Lakes this morning. I feel so emotional over this.

10th grade. I received a call from my mom. I was an Aunt! Christopher Michael was born in December.

I went to stay with them in Florida during the summer. Holly Bell was their street name. They lived in a very cool apartment complex. 4th of July, Christopher was so upset. He wasn't walking quite yet, and was fairly little. The fireworks were going off like crazy, and my brother Mike was getting more and more upset, because little "critter" was so unconsolable. While there, I experienced my first "tropical storm". It was wicked.

Shortly after, they came to Michigan when Mike got stationed at Selfridge Air National Guard base. Craig and Michael Jr would be born before they would return to Florida. I helped them move down. The feelings I had when I left are still so vivid. I knew in my heart, that nothing would ever be the same again. Some songs that I occasionally hear, make my heart ache, give me a lump in my throat and bring tears to my eyes, because they remind me of that time. I am willing to bet that Christopher wasn't much older than Gregory is now. Coconoke (chocolate milk) and prinkles (sprinkles) were my two favorite words that Chris would say.

We would see them here and there. In 1994, I had bought a new car, then lost my job right after due to company downsizing. My parents sent me to Florida to get away. It was the best medicine I could have had. The kids couldn't say my name right, so I then became "Aunt Ralph" and am still called that to this day. Spending days with them in the pool and watching my brother play softball at night made it a great vacation.

So much has changed, so much has changed... When Chris & Ashley were dating, the family came up for a visit. He was so much older, and so much taller. They all were. We hadn't seen them in so long, to deny that it felt strange would be wrong. It was like getting to know them for the very first time, yet I watched them every Sunday night right here in Michigan, while Mike & Jan (his former wife) went bowling. I changed their diapers, fed them bottles... I still remember the layout of their 2 bedroom apartment over at Selfridge.

Now, the man that is my first nephew, has his head shaved, and is in the Navy. His wife and child are in S.C. with Mike & Mary Ann. I am so scared for him. I am so worried about him... yet I can't tell you how much he needs this. Nothing will ever be the same.

I feel so old.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Power of One


Wiggling it a bit...

Pitiful, and yet one would think Mommy would stop snapping photos and cuddle.

Now trying floss, then the cloth.


And back to flirting with the chic's at Emily's game.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bike Trip

In honor of Jro & Gunny, not to mention $3.89 for a gallon of gas, we went to the store -on bikes! In order to watch "our show" we needed a snack to go along with it. We are always trying to find the "perfect chip dip". It is so hard to find a good one, so I made one today, and we picked up fresh chips to go along with it. Because child B is a new bike rider, we took all the little back streets as far as we could get, then went out onto the main road (sidewalks). The parking lots were very tricky for the timid little rider, but he navigated them well.

4 Bikes: $500
New Basket: $13
Bag O' chips: $1.99

Taking a new adventure with the family... and saving on gas...........PRICELESS.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mothers and Daughters...

A cold Sunday in March, Fountain View Lanes.

Mom: "Guess who's coming here!" (meaning Chaplins Comedy Club)
Me: "Bowling?"
Mom: "No next door!"
Me: "Who?"
Mom: "JASON!"
Me: "Our cousin Jason?"
Me: "Ok... so what"
Mom: "I thought maybe you would want to go"
Me: "You're kidding".
Mom: "You don't want to go?"
Me: "Not really. I don't even know who Jason is."

My mom is nuts. We all are convinced that she mentally lives in Port Charles with Jason and all the other people on that show. She talks about them as if we know them personally and the show is real life. Anyone that knows her, knows that you don't call her M-F between 3 and 4 pm. That is because she is in a TV coma with her show, that she will watch AGAIN on Soap Network that same night. If you happen to call, you get the occasional "Uh huh. Uh huh" as if she is really listening. That's when you can totally drop a bomb shell on her like...

"I'm pregnant"
"Dad's having an affair"
"We won the lottery"
"The house is on fire"

and you will still get the standard, "Uh huh". Drives us all BONKERS!

And then I saw this....

While I say "Kudos to you, Jason and the other guy for making a living on TV-yet I have no idea who you are. Even if you were sitting at my prompt care, and I were driving a needle into your booty" I actually am so happy for my mom. The look on her face is priceless. While GH isn't important to me, it is to her. For her to have this chance of a lifetime, means so much to me.... her crazy child that is beyond bent out of shape that this coming Sunday is already the season finale of Brothers and Sisters.... You know what they say... The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...btw I bet her hands are on their butts.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Classes are open...

I would like to start with this. As you can see, I have "unlocked" it. Unfortunately some jackasses at an un-named persons place of employment started fishing through my blog, looking for ammunition to use against the un-named person. While that person thought it was humorous, I found it offensive. I do not believe that my words that I write, should be used against my family. I try to keep it clean. I try not to flip out in cyberspace as much as I do in person, but it is MINE. It is for me... and you... and well Us. I get to show you how strange I am, and you get to confirm that you are just as crazy as I am with your comments. But I'm sick of it being locked up. So I unlocked it.

So to you, Dear Jackasses, I say this. Leave it alone, or I will not hesitate to close it down again. Only a lucky few have been given the "privilege", they know who they are, they will ALWAYS have access. They know this is not directed at them, but at you. So if you want to be butt heads and play the game, you better bring your notebook boys... Cause I'm gonna take you to school. I'll lock it down in a NY second, then start airing YOUR dirty laundry, and believe me... I will.

Can you hear me now? Good.