Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five Years

I can't believe that this beautiful girl will be 18 in five years. If you are a parent, you know that five years is a drop in the bucket of life.

I love her energy, sense of humor and independent thinking. She is not a follower.

Five years. I hope it lasts F.O.R.E.V.E.R,
and that she finds a college close to home. ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Six days sans Facebook and I'm still going strong. I actually don't even think about it anymore. Yeah, I miss my close friends posts and ultimately that will be the thing that draws me back in time. I know this is odd but even thought I didn't post on my wall every day, I felt really "exposed" even being on there. You know, because having an online blog isn't exposure enough.  I felt like people knew too much about me. I have nothing to hide but like my privacy. Since deactivating, I feel liberated oddly enough.

You never realize how much time you spend on Facebook until you are not on it. I challenge all of you dear readers, take a week off. Notice how many times you start heading "there". It takes a good 24 hours to break that habit.

To fill my time, I have started using Pinterest more and I have brought out my crochet needles once again.

I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I have had huge success with many ideas I have come across on there however today's adventure was a bit more interesting. Let me start by saying that this summer has been awful on my hair. I may not always have the best hair days, but I am a fanatic about not having dry hair. Nothing freaks me out more than a head of hay. Hay. That's exactly what my hair feels like right now.

Off to Pinterest we go to search "Hair Repair". Out of the many pins I found, I settled on the vinegar/ baking soda/ water concoction.

First off, there wasn't enough of the recipe to completely cover my locks. Second, it fizzed up big time when I added the vinegar to the baking soda. Regardless, I poured it on, rubbed it in distributing it the best I could and attempted to wait the suggested ten minutes.

For someone who has skin allergies to certain products, this was one of those times I probably should have "spot tested" to check for a reaction. Within five minutes, my neck was erupting! I had little spots on the sides of my neck that felt like they were on fire. Ooops! lol!

I wasn't able to wait the whole ten minutes but I will say this... IT WORKED. I felt it in the shower as I rinsed my hair. Even more, I felt it when combing my wet hair. So far so good.

My next adventure... deep conditioning. I'm not sure if I should go avocado/mayo route or in a different direction all together. So many pins, so little time...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Facebook, It's Over.

Yesterday the relationship between Facebook and me, ended. I deactivated my account after realizing that time after time, I left there feeling worse than when I got on. My dear hubby couldn't believe I finally did it after months and months of threats. I explained it this way - Let's say you go out to lunch with someone. During the course of the conversation you find that you sometimes disagree with things they say. Regardless, when that lunch is over, it's over. Should you never want to see that person again, so be it.

Then there is Facebook. Now you are having lunch with your 800+ "friends" and whether you like it or not, you are subject to every last whim they decide to post, EVERYTIME they get on. Blah, blah. blah.... I tried blocking out a lot of people but that left me with very few that I actually care about and they post so infrequently that it just isn't worth it to me. I actually tried unfriending someone and they refriended me seconds later! What the hell?!

So, for now I am simplifying and separating myself.

It's been twenty-four hours and it's been bliss. The funny thing is that I keep catching myself wanting to go "check facebook", but realize that I can't. I can't believe how much better I feel. Relieved actually. I've already read the paper and a magazine. Next up... will be Jackie "O".

Oh I'll be back. That's a given. I start Nursing School in March and they form "facebook groups". I may just be back for that one thing. We'll see.

Laters Baby.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A hidden gem...

I found this lovely little lady beaming up from behind the barbeque grill in a plant bed. It must have been a lonely little seed left over from a winter feeding. Finding this, totally made my day. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Birmingham is in Troy

But Naperville is NOWHERE near Chicago. Funny how a map can be so deceiving. After months and months of back and forth texting, facebooking and emails, I was able to make the journey. Much to Dennis' dismay, I drove. We talked train, which was an 8 hour trip, we talked flights, which actually involves leaving terra firma and finally I settled on driving. It wasn't a bad trip at all. I actually kind of enjoyed it... For the first 2.5 hours. Then I heard a song that reminded me of my mom. Waterworks. She passed away unexpectedly on Memorial day. The water works then led into one sided conversation with her about how much I miss her amongst other things.

Then I was thirsty. Beyond thirsty. Note to self: bring water for the ride home. I had the brilliant  idea that I needed a frozen strawberry lemonade from Micky D's. That was in Indiana. Guess how many rest stops there are between Indiana and Naperville. Yep. Notta one. I am thankful for the fact that the  55mph speed limit on I-80 is merely a suggestion. My doors were being blown off my people doing 90, lol. I was just so worried about getting popped by the popo because you just know, they are waiting to nail the dumbass with the out of state plates!

I arrived here at 2:15 Naperville time. What a beautiful area. I sort of felt like I was in Troy with the exception that there is no gigantic lake on the west side of the state. There is a prairie preserve nearby and you can hear the coyotes at night. Justine has an owl that hangs out in her backyard at night too although last night I was so tired, I didn't hear a thing!

We spent yesterday making dinner and hitting the local fruit market which I loved! Aside from seeing things I have never seen before, they have apple pie from The Elegant Farmer! On the bottom left of the home page there is a link to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Trust me when I tell you the pie is THAT GOOD!

Today we are going to the movies to see Hope Springs. Laters baby!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bat Wings...

Yesterday at work I told a coworker that I feel flacid. The look on her 25 y/o face and the laugh that followed was priceless. Then I explained to her that since I turned ahem... 39 again, I feel really old. My muscles feel like they are getting flacid at break neck speed. My joints stiffen up after sitting for a nano second, etc. 

Where do I start? Jumping jacks? Push ups?? Seconds after bringing it up, our fearless leader walks up and says, "I'd like to start doing Yoga". Yoga... Why didn't I think of that? I used to do yoga all the time. So with that I went online and found a class this morning. Yoga in the Park. What could be better than that! 

Unfortunately I never made it. Bad pizza had me and the chitlins up all night. At least my abdomen doesn't feel so flacid now. ;)