Monday, November 30, 2009

Age Limits

I recently received a friend request from my 9 year old niece on facebook. Seriously people. Are there NO limits to where and what kids are allowed to do? Emily was all over me about joining facebook a while back because her friend was allowed to join. There is no way in hell that I am letting my 10 year old get a facebook page. To me, it's the equivalent of letting them get a myspace page too, which will NEVER happen in this house.

On a whim I decided to look up the age limits to see if there are any and guess what... here it is:

4. Registration and Account Security

3. You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.

It is becoming rediculous how parents are not being parents, but are just letting their kids do whatever, just because.

Am I off my rocker feeling this way or do you agree?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One week!

Wow! I'm so surprised that it's been a week since my last post. Where does the time go?

I guess I am at a loss for words this week. There hasn't been a whole lot going on really. We are preparing for Thanksgiving at our house. We told everyone to go elsewhere last year due to major family drama. Let's just say I was worried there would be a boxing match at our house. So we invited ourselves to our friends house for dinner. It was awesome. Don't you love friends that are good with stuff like that?

This year I will attempt to have a 23 pound turkey done BEFORE the side dishes, and vow NOT to stress out. I've been cleaning here and there, and just doing odds and ends of things to get ready. It's all good.

We started out the weekend with a bang. I told Greg this morning if he came out of the school with shoes untied, he would be writing sentences when he got home. Guess who has writers cramps. lol. I only made him write 5 sentences that read "I will keep my shoes tied". You would have thought I took away his favorite toy the way he carried on. It's then that I hit him with, "Keep complaining and I will add 5 more". He zipped it, and is now starting an awesome weekend by having a nerf sniper shoot-out with his Dad. Did I ever tell you about the collection of nerf guns we have in this house?

I went to the nerf website to see if I could hijack some photos, but their website is wayyyy too animated for my blog. Blogger would definitely crash. Let's just say we have about every Nerf gun known to man, in this house. Including the huge missile launcher that damn near took Greg's head off once, accidentally of course. Yesterday Greg used a bit more of a gift card he received for his birthday, to purchase the double barrel nerf shot gun. I think we have about $13 left on the card which could be used for more darts.

Friday... I'm not sure I'm venturing out for shopping. Only 1 place has something I REALLY want, but 1. It's probably limited quantity. 2. It is at a store that is open 24 hours, which makes you wonder what time to get there for such item, and finally... is the savings really worth losing sleep over? I'm thinking not.

Saturday... we are heading down to Ford Field to watch the Stevenson Titans (Den's Alma mater) take down Detroit Catholic Central. I'm hoping it's an annihilation, since I once dated a guy that went there, then a few years later wondered what the "f" I was thinking. So I'm hoping they will smear them.

What's on your calendar this week?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HELLOOOO, HELloooo, helloooooo

Echo. Every wonder if anyone reads your blog? I wonder all the time, but here I am. Still posting away. Even if I'm talking to myself, I can still put my thoughts out there.

Did you know...

Sodium Benzoate mixed with Citric Acid forms a carcinogen called Benzene which is found in gasoline? Funny huh? Start reading your nutrition labels.

The other day, I was going to buy maple syrup but I didn't. I read the label and just couldn't get past the ingredients. I put it back on the shelf.

Two days later, Dennis buys syrup. Guess whats in it. Yep. The junk listed above. I know it is horribly terrible to eat, but have you seen the price of real syrup lately? It makes me sick and even worse... I can't afford to buy it right now. Even though I'm hitting this huge mental block on this, he looked at me like I was nuts. Guess that's why he calls me a "tree hugger".

Every time I put syrup on anything, I feel like the mother in Flowers in the Attic, that is putting arsenic mixed with powdered sugar on her kids cookies. I feel like I am killing all of us by using it, knowing full well it's potential.

I need to grow more maple trees.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Think before you speak!

I'm reading this book called More Build it Big- 101 Insider Secrets for Direct Selling. The title is close to that. It is the sequel to a book that I haven't read. Before going to the National conference this past summer, I decided to find some books on direct sales, and that's how I came across it.

I've been taking my time reading it, trying to absorb the tips and to put some of them to use. For instance, since I started reading it, I added 3 people to my new team. Before it was just Shannan and I. Shannan joined about a year and a half ago. We were a team of two. Then came Joy, Katrina and now Kristin. I am so glad they are with me and this is why...

In the book there is a section on team building. It goes on to say about how you should choose "wisely" because you will be talking to this person on a regular basis. You will be seeing them frequently, emailing them all the time and so forth. I started thinking back about all of the people that I had asked to join me. I think there are about 5 total, and 3 just joined. I am very picky about who I want to work with, but wasn't sure why... until last week.

I was at the school picking up Emily & Greg. When I pulled up to the sidewalk, I saw a friend pull up too. I pick up in the back of the school, and she picks up in the front. So I was wondering why she was on "our side". We are both parked on either side of the street. One facing North, the other facing South (I was north). We both got out of our cars at the same time. I noticed a southbound vehicle coming. It was a classic Ford pick up truck like the one pictured here...

I love classic pick-ups. I don't know what it is, but I would LOVE to have a 1950's Chevrolet in Denim blue. The kind of truck that has wood rails on the back of the truck. Anyway, I immediately admired this truck. The man had looked at my friend and allegedly made a face at her. I saw him too, but did not see any face. She was so angry, she started saying she should have flipped him off, or yelled or something. Why was this "jackass" making a face at her? She was going to show him!!

And that... is when it hit me. OMG... I asked this woman to join my team. Mrs. Short-wick who thinks this man made a face at her. Never in my life have I ever been so glad someone told me "NO". lol There was once a time when I would actually avoid her phone calls. Mrs. Shortwick seems to think I have my doctorate, and calls me whenever someone has so much as a splinter in her house. She never listens to a word I say, and does not seek further medical attention when I tell her. Just talking to her, listening to her ramble on about the 104 fever, and how she isn't taking someone to the doctor after 2 1/2 weeks just drives me nuts. So, I avoid her.

Which reminds me... Den and I play little jokes on each other. When a solicitor calls, I give him the phone as if it's a friend. lol. So... he got me one day. Our caller ID now shows up on our TV. The phone rang and I was in the office, so I didn't see it. I yelled out, "Who is it?" He said, "It's Helen" (neighbor down the street). I joyfully pick up the phone only to hear Mrs. Shortwick on the other end.

Which reminds me... He's due for a payback.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Close... but no cigar!

If you are a follower of The Pioneer Woman, then you know she does contests regularly. Katrina got me hooked on her blog back when there were about 3 people reading it. When she would do a contest, there would be about 200 entries. Should have known that wouldn't last!

Her last contest had about 40,000 entries I think. The funny thing is, when she does a regular blog post, she gets about 63 comments. Where are the 40,000 followers? Are they just trying to win something?

Anyway, back to our story...

This past week in her cooking section she ran a contest in which the winner would win a set of Cuisinart pots and pans. Lord knows we could use a new set of pots and pans in this house. The ones we have now are the el cheapo ones that Service Merchandise used to carry. You know the ones... they look like pot-belly pots with the gold-like handles. Well... the simulated gold finish is has worn off the handles in some spots. They came with NO pans, which means we picked up some cheap ones from Revco back in the day.

The point I'm getting to is that I entered the contest. The question... "Who is your favorite food blogger, or favorite TV chef?" Well... the only food blogger I know is Ree, and to put that would be like kissing her butt, so I put Paula Deen.

The funny thing is my response was #39. I must have come across the contest moments after she posted it. And then the winners were posted. I can't believe how close I was!! Looks like I'll be using my banged up kitchen artillery for a while longer. That is unless the kitchen fairy drops off something awesome!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Green with Envy

I read off Jro's blog that there is a Breakfast Club in Brighton. I went to one in Clawson once. Hook, line and sinker. I have been dreaming of that place ever since. I wonder if it is the same place that used to be in Clawson. I wonder how long it would take me to drive out there for breakfast.... and believe me. I would.

Ok, my fellow bloggers... someone go there for breakfast. Take photos of your food. I want a FULL REPORT!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bamboo Cutting Board

Words can not express how much I LOVE this cutting board from Pampered Chef. I purchased it a few years ago, and it is worth it's weight in gold. On one side it has a flat surface with a well around the edge for juices.

On the other side, it is concave. It is PERFECT for that Thanksgiving Turkey or New Years Roast. The well holds ALL of the juices, so that when you are done carving, you can pour them back over the meat!

I LOVE this cutting board, and think it would make a GREAT gift for Christmas.

#1005 Reversible Bamboo Carving Board - $69.50

Reversible Bamboo Carving Board This beautifully handcrafted bamboo board is ideal for all your carving and slicing needs. The double-sided board features a deep center well on one side to securely hold meat in place. Flip it over for a traditional carving board with a generous well to catch juices. 19" x 14" x 1 1/4". Bamboo is a grass and is actually the fastest growing plant on the planet. This sustainable and renewable resource naturally replenishes itself by constantly sending up new shoots from its root system, so there's no need for replanting. Plus, bamboo:
Resists staining, cracking and warping.
Doesn't conduct heat.
Doesn't absorb moisture.
Is harder and more durable than traditional hardwood.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Where-O, Where-O, Where is Jro?

I am totally blown away that Jro was able to just up and leave to follow their dreams. I am so anchored in my life here that there is NO WAY I could do that. I give her MAJOR kudos!

I wonder how she is doing?