Saturday, August 31, 2013

Curls Gone Crazy

My life as a nursing student has me so insanely busy, I had to incorporate some short cuts into my life. DevaCurl is my new best friend! 

My hair is naturally curly (have we talked about this before?) and if I let it go curly, it is super low maintenance. 

The no-poo shampoo smells awesome and my hair feels super clean afterwards. Then I gently comb it out and put ArcAngel in it while lifting my curls into place. The ArcAngel hardens to a cast on the hair and when it's dry, I gently scrunch it off. VOILA!! 

This stuff is the bomb! No more 5am showers for this chic. I do it all the night before.

Thank you Justine, for turning me on to this awesome product!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing Moments

Sometimes I am completely blown away at how things can totally go your way when you least expect it. 

This past June, I sat here with butterflies in my stomach as I applied for a new job. When I left Beaumont in 2005, it was to stay at home with the kids. I never dreamed by 2010 it would be SO hard to get back in. At that time, Beau had just laid off 600 employees. Desperate for a job, I landed at another health system, but kept stalking the career board at Beau for the next 3 years. 

It took me over an hour to fill out the application and to complete the "are you a psycho nut bag" test. 
With my heart in my throat, I submitted it. I voiced my concerns to a close friend about how school started up on August 19, and if I were selected for this job, I had to orientate before then. She was quick to point out that they are SO S...L...O...W when it comes to these things. It is what it is.

July 1, Panera Bread, Chicago IL. As I sat enjoying a cinnamon crunch bagel with my daughter and niece, a call came in from Troy, MI. With nothing to write on, nor a calendar to look at, I blindly accepted an interview date and as I repeated the information to the caller, my brilliant daughter typed a note into her phone. My interview was set for July 12. 

The interview went amazingly well and as the department manager entered the HR office, I practically fell out of my chair. The manager of the department is a girl that I worked with for 6 years as an Emergency Technician. You have got to be kidding!

Lets start to make a really long story short...

I was told that day that she is hiring me. It took HR a bit to call and offer me the position and when they finally did, they wanted me to start on August 19 - the first day of classes. It took everything I had, to not cry. There was no way I could miss an entire week of nursing school. It's against the policys. After a few minutes HR called me back and changed the date. Aug 6. I'm IN! 

The only unfortunate event that took place was the wage they rehired me at. It was a huge decrease compared to my "other job at the 'other' Health care system". We're talking like a third of my hourly rate... gone. 

Fast forward - Today, Aug 30. My manager and former coworker comes and tells me AGAIN that there is still a part time position available. She REALLY wants me to take it. I told her about the difference in pay and without missing a beat, she sends and email to HR and then sends me down there. I went down, explained my plight and two hours later... I received a call. Instead of meeting half way, they immediately changed my pay to what I made when I left in 2005! It is WAY more than I ever anticipated!! 

I have until Monday to decide if I should take the part-time position. Everything in me is saying "Yes" but I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew and then not be able to meet my commitment. I can't imagine that happening though because I have pretty much worked 2 days/week for a really long time. 

Decisions, decisions. 

This whole thing has been one HUGE amazing moment!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Back!!

Holy cow. It took me all of a half an hour just to figure out that I signed into blogger with the wrong address which is why I couldn't find my blog. Then I couldn't remember my password, so then I had to have it sent to an old email address, which I couldn't remember the password for that either, lol! GADS!!!

Regardless, I am glad to be back at it. At this moment I'm studying cancers of the mouth and have some things to do to get a head so I can actually enjoy this Labor Day weekend! So sit tight my friends!

Please pop in with a comment saying "Hi" so I know this is actually working, :)