Friday, June 25, 2010

Twenty One years and still...

I sat in her room by the window. The sunlight was coming in - warming the cream colored bedspread as she lay there sleeping. It was so peaceful that afternoon. I sat for an hour or more, thumbing through the pages of People Magazine featuring Lucille Ball. After a while, my grandma woke up. "How long have you been here?" she asked. "Not long" I replied. "You can go back to sleep Grandma. You don't need to stay awake just because I'm here."

My Grandma was in Royal Oak Beaumont for an illness that I can't quite remember. I can't recall much more of that afternoon, however the peace that came over me is forever etched in my mind.

I had planned on going to see her again that Friday, but instead chose to take my nephew Christopher shopping for new shoes. He was all of two or three at the time. We spent that afternoon together then returned home. CJ (Christophers brother) was less than a month old. I stood in the living room holding him when Jan gave me the devistating news. My Grandma had passed - unexpectedly. I wanted to drop to the floor. I wanted to run. I wanted to punch something. Jan held me tight while I lost all control. This woman was loved and adored. This... was a tremendous loss.

I think of Grandma Gladys every time I watch the Golden Girls. She loved that show so much and everytime I watch it, I feel like I am being punched in the gut. I watch it and remember the glass door knobs in her house. The sunlight coming in her back room. Biscuits & Gravy. The smell of Prell Shampoo. Walking to the Dairy-O with my cousin to bring her back dessert. And every time another Golden Girl passes away, it reminds me of how long ago Grandma died. And every time, I miss her even more. It has been 21 Years... and I still remember her voice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting There...

Not too long ago, I went on a tirade about my weight and being out of shape. As luck would have it, the gazillion steps I take in a day at work have gotten the ball rolling. While I have no idea if I've lost even a single pound, I can tell you that my pants are so much more comfortable now that I am not comparing them to sausage wrap. My training from hell has ended and my hours have tapered off. Just enough so that I can actually breathe.

I have taken the initiative and found 5K walk/runs in my area. My next step was to actually calculate how far 5K is (3.11 miles). The walk I'm eyeing is actually in Howell. It is in August and is affectionately named the Howell Melon Run... or something along those lines. I also have a partner doing it with me. The resident 11 year old has agreed to do this with me... that is until she saw how far 3.11 miles is. For some odd reason she had it in her head that she would not be able to carry a water bottle on her "walk". She even made mention that she was going to "can" her water so she could wear one of those beer can helmets (the one that holds 2 cans simultaneously). Once I informed her she absolutely CAN carry water with her, she was back on the mission.

Next, I found this awesome website Map My Run. It allowed me to start at my house, then go through my neighborhood street by street, calculating a route that would be approximately 3.5 miles. I even found an additional route in case we get sick of the neighborhood one.

My next step... taking the plunge. Actually printing off the registration form and sending it in. THEN... I am committed. I am eager to get to this step, and to get moving. :)

I am excited, nervous and a bit apprehensive about this HUGE step. I have never done anything like it, but am ready. Once I calculate my time for my walks, I will start posting them for everyone to follow my progress.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another Gregism

G: Mom, where is my radius?
M - points to long bone that runs on thumb side of G's arm.
G: Mom, you know what my favorite part of my body is?
M - thinks G will say his radius.
G: My arms - cause their tan and when they are tan, I'm a hottie!