Sunday, September 28, 2008

Remedy & Research

And so it starts.... cold and flu season that is. In about 2 weeks, I've had both. Last week, Emily came down with the stomach flu or "Gastritis". At first, I really thought maybe 4th grade was already stressing her out. Much to my relief, it wasn't so. I'm quite certain it came from that petri dish they call a school. Regardless, she missed a day of school.

Then the next day, Den came home from work around 11pm. He was sick. At 4am, I woke up sick. It was the week from hell... and my tummy still isn't back to normal.

So here is what I found...
About a year ago a woman gave me a "tip". I remember her words exactly, "When you get the stomach flu, start drinking straight tomato juice right away. Not V8, it HAS TO BE straight tomato juice." As I was laying in bed with my tummy rolling and rolling, this womans voice popped right into my head. Immediately I got up, went to the pantry and popped open a jar of tomato juice that my mom had canned the season before.

You may be cringing at the thought, but in all honesty, it wasn't bad at all. I too was thinking, why on earth would you want to drink THAT? So I did some quick research and I found this.
Let me tell you... 1/2 way through the first jar, my stomach had stopped turning. Unfortunately I didn't follow the instructions as directed, and had a horrendous relapse. So the next day, I tried it again and I followed the directions to the letter... and it worked! I am happy to say I am almost 100%!

While my new found remedy has worked quite well, I have a new mission. I AM SICK OF BEING SICK!!!!! I have had enough, and it's not even October yet!!! I have started thinking about probiotics. I don't know a lot about them, but I have heard that they can work quite well to keep you healthy. I would like to find something that my whole family can take. I am sure I have a lot of research ahead of me, but then today something occurred to me. Who better to ask, then you, my health conscious blogger friends!

Inquiring minds want to know.... do you know anything about probiotics? What are your thoughts on them? At this point, I am willing to do about anything to just stay well this winter, so please make your recommendations.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Johnny is a friend of the family. His parents are my sisters godparents. Johnny is a detective in a nearby city. Shortly before he was hired on to the department, he and I hung around together frequently. He always told me... "If you get pulled over, TELL THE TRUTH. The cop will know if you are lying".

And so I did.

One summer night, I was on my way home from Crittenton, where I worked in the ER. I came barreling over a hill, in the dark and immediately saw him. I just passed a sheriffs car. As soon as I saw him, I looked down and realized I was doing 15 over. I looked up and saw his break lights in the mirror. I pulled over. He wasn't even turned around yet, and I was already on the side of the road.

He walks up to the car and asks (as if I'm stupid), "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
I reply, "Yes, I was speeding".
He says, "Do you know how fast you were going?"
I reply, "When I saw your brake lights, I looked down and I was doing 15 over".
He says with a smile, "Exactly"
He then proceeds to ask me where I worked, and why I was in a hurry. I explained to him that I was an ER tech and I worked at Crittenton. He asks what an ER tech does, so I told him, "Start IV's, draw blood, foleys, whatever."

And then he asks... "Are you going to be nice to me if I ever come into the ER"
I replied, "Not if you give me a ticket!".
He steps back, looks into my window and says, "What if I give you a ticket?"
And I told him... and I was honest...
"I'm going to stick you with the biggest IV needle I can find, when I start your IV".
He handed me back my license/registration, and says, "Have a nice night!".

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Crease

When I was about 12, which was last week, I remember watching the Oil of Olay commercials and thinking... That's for old ladies.

And now I have the crease. Yep. The parentesis in the dead center of my forehead. The one that comes screaming off my face when I look at someone like they are crazy. And now that I am registering patients at work, I find I am using that look more frequently.

Regardless... I'm the old lady. I'm the old bag that is suddenly quite interested in Oil of Olay commercials. The one that was greatly disappointed when I found the Garnier Nutrisse "bags under the eyes" roller ball cream, out of stock. Now that I am keenly aware of my "you're nuts" look, and know that it is cutting that crease deeper into my face, I'm trying to avoid doing it.

Directly related to this new set of wrinkles, is my job. Working the front desk brings a whole new perspective. I think it's the fear of our "gear" in the back that keeps patients strangeness at bay. But the front desk... the gals that work up there, see it all. One gal who shall be called "J" is constantly getting her face ripped off by patients. So much so that it has become a well known joke. The gals up there have become quite witty (as you've seen in my Laura post), and deal with these people well. I just hope that amongst all these wrinkles, I get that wittiness too. Unfortunately my "chop busting" as Den calls it, will actually get me fired. So I just keep my mouth shut, smile on, and crease firmly planted in my forehead.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am NOT a dog person.

I like other peoples dogs. Just not dogs in this house. I'm the "cat lady" from what Dennis tells me. I like my boys. They are sweet, loving, and sooooo easy to care for.

And then came along Izzy.

Saturday we spent an amazing afternoon with a group of friends we don't see very often. It was warm, it was sunny, and it was summer. We shared wine, martini's, and dinner with this wonderful group of people. Dennis, Joe, Scott, and Mike all went to high school together. The three stood up in our wedding, and Dennis stood up in 2 of theirs (Mike isn't married... yet). While us gals haven't known each other long, we share a great bond.

Izzy is Joe & Mary's dog. And boy is she sweet. Izzy met us on the driveway. While Greg locked eyes with her and stopped dead in his tracks, sweet, curly little Izzy just sat there with her little pink collar on, wagging her tail like crazy. How in the world would he think this adorable little girl would want to eat him alive?

After a short stint on the couch flipping out, Greg finally realized that she is one special little dog. She had us in stitches all night long. The bottom of their screen door was taken out by their former "big dog". While they wanted to fix it, they realized that it still keeps the bugs out, and Izzy can run in and out when need be.

Izzy is a Cavadoodle? Not a Labradoodle, but something with a Cavalier, and a poodle and a something else. She's a mutt. And boy did she do a number on me! She is the cutest little thing that I swear I could TOTALLY be a dog person. She actually has catlike qualities. She LOVES to be held, and loves to be cuddled. She loves to lay on her back, and loves the back of the couch like a cat.

Thanks a lot Izzy. You ruined me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nautical Nephew is Up and Running!

Well not literally. Just a quick note to tell you that my nephew is back to blogging. You can find the link to him down on the right. Send him your regards, as he is protecting your freedom.

Grande Finale

The picnic was a HUGE success. It was actually a lot of fun running it. Next year I think the torch is being handed to me, and luckily I already have a small army of volunteers waiting. I never thought I would become this involved in the school, but it is amazing how it has transformed my life. I think about the friends I see every day now, and realize that I would not even know them if it weren't for my children. Some of them I've known since Emily was about 2 years old.

Being a parent is such an amazing gift. I look at Emily & Greg and realize how lucky I am to be given this opportunity. I am having the time of my life, and can't imagine what I would be doing otherwise. My life feels so much richer, so much more complete. Our favorite saying around here comes from Jerry McGuire, but we've tweaked it a bit. "You had me at Waaaaaaahhhhhh!"

As for now though, I'm ready to get back to our regulary scheduled program. Life.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now that I've calmed down...

Have you been to the grocery store lately? Inquiring minds want to know... What the hell happened? I used to LOVE grocery shopping, that is until I started working. I'm not sure what happened there either, but truth be told, I HATE grocery shopping.

Today I ventured on over to Kroger. First couple aisles weren't so bad. And then it happened. Right there in the cracker aisle. I knelt down to look at the Teddy Graham crackers. $2.29 for a 10 ounce box. Right next to it, were the 100 calorie packs. Same product 4.6 oz $2.69. That's 4.6 ounces TOTAL for the ENTIRE PACKAGE my friends. Not PER PACK... that's the whole flipping box. I literally almost fell over. You've got to be kidding.

Then the dairy section. This is where I started talking to myself, under my breath, but loud enough for people to hear. Kraft cheese. I wanted to get the little bricks. Not the super huge one... the little one. $4.49 PER brick. AND I needed 2. That my friends is almost $10 for 2 little bricks of cheese. WTH! What happened to the days of 2/$4?

I was so bent by the time I left that store. I spent $175, without buying anything extravagant... I didn't even buy any meat! Oh and I didn't buy the cheese or the Teddy Grahams either.

What the hell happened?

Quote of the Day

Quote for the day:
'Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.'
So - if you give her crap,
you will receive more shit than any one human being can handle.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breathing 101

I am a bad blogger. But I have an excuse. I have been so freaking busy that I literally don't know if I've even taken a breath since mid August. I miss blogging too. Everyday, a gazillion thoughts race through my head that I think "Oh! I'm going to blog that". And by the time I get to it. Whoosh, the thought is gone, or the thought is still there, and the humor has been sucked right out of it. The good thing is that I have been entertained by everyone elses blog.

Yesterday, Pioneer Woman's mom posted on PW's blog about breathing. Breathing - that thing I learned way back when I was in yoga... learning how to breathe and LET GO. I followed through on her mom's instructions and felt like I could totally doze off. Suddenly I was so relaxed that it hit me. I haven't chilled out in WEEKS! Even while being sick (which I think I am almost better, btw).

Finally today... I am off work. I am off work until next Tuesday. Finally. I can take a breath. Although I am still running this picnic that takes place on Friday. Today I flew out of bed, made the lunches, got them dressed, threw on my clothes, took them to school, flew back to the house, changed clothes again (because I wasn't ready the first time), then went BACK to the school AGAIN, ready for action. I met my counterpart in the Teachers lounge. I was completely prepared to spend the ENTIRE DAY moving all of the activities, and such to the school.

No can do. She is afraid it will be taken out of the room we are using for supplies. I explained to her that the MORE we do TODAY... the LESS we have to do on FRIDAY. She didn't budge. So I sat there, helping her map out the lay of the land and where the food, activities and all will go. And I sat there, thinking that I took the ENTIRE DAY OFF to sit and do this for a half hour. I wasn't happy, and I had a grudge. But unlike myself, I kept my mouth shut. She does have a point after all. Things could be stolen. I just had the whole day to do this tiny little thing.

We did what we had to do and we parted ways for the day. Then it hit me.

I have ALL OF THIS TIME... and don't have to do ANYTHING for the school! I can actually do what I want to do. The kids are at school, and this house is so quiet, all I can hear are the little insects outside, and the cars on the main road. No TV, no talking, nothing. What an amazing day.

So today, I have done things I needed to do. Learn how to "breathe". Laundry - while breathing. And work on my TS business, which hasn't been touched in WEEKS.

It is a glorious day, and I'm so glad that I have nothing to do.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy Crap it's Friday?!

Wow. Let me tell you... it has been one fast week! First off, I stuck my foot in my mouth when I gleefully said, "I would LOVE to help you throw the back to school picnic" to my friend Linda. Forget that it's just she and I doing it for the 700 students + family members that go to our children's school.

Oh and while I'm helping you throw this picnic, why don't I train for a new position at work too.

Let's just say that yesterday was it. I hit the wall, and came down with something. Either I'm burning the candle at both ends, or I should have taken Patti's advice at work, and used MY OWN pen. Patti is nuts. Pattie has an OCD like I have never seen. We work with people. Sick people. Injured people. People with "issues". Patti uses her own pen. In fact Patti takes her pen home with her so that NO ONE ELSE will use her pen. It's all funny until someone gets sick.

I swear, not 2.2 seconds after sitting down at the front desk, I got Sepsis. I bet I touched a pen, then rubbed my eye or... a microbe flew over the counter into my sinuses. Or who knows. But whatever it is... I got it.

So I've been taking this Herbal Resistance Liquid. Let me tell you... it's brown/green in color, and tastes the way it looks. The taste is so bad, I have to plug my nose.. and rinse my mouth out before breathing again... but it works. It works so good that this is my second bottle. In fact the last time I bought it, I got the convenient economy size. Aside from being a bit congested, and coughing, I feel pretty good.

Note to self... don't interrupt a post to go eat dinner... I forgot what my point was... or maybe it's hypoxia.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Beaudreaux is on a kick about Halloween. We apparently do not have anything scary enough for him... so we've been told. He has been telling me scary stories all day today and trying to scare me.

Remember "The Woman With The Golden Arm" or "Bloody Mary". Yep. That's pretty much all I can remember. Just the titles.

Does anyone have any good Halloween stories to tell for me to freak out little fumanchu? Cause after the day I've had... he's got it coming to him! BOO!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Will YOU Be My Friend?

I did it. Jro planted a seed a while back about Facebook. After doing a bit of "research", I decided to take the plunge. So far... I have 1 friend.

I met Chris one night at a club that my friend and I hung out at. Ok, it wasn't a "club" but more of an arcade, because we were underage. But the arcade was attached to the "club". He turned out to be one hell of a great friend. We had a riot together, tooling around town in his little silver Fiero.

I can't remember how we lost contact, but we did. Fast forward to 1993. I was at Dennis's house one day. His sister starts talking about her friend Jen and standing up in Jen's wedding. After months of picking dresses, having met Jen, and slowly becoming part of the family (we weren't married yet), the invitation arrived. You guessed it. Jen was marrying my old friend Chris! I just about fell over! What a small world. Denise (Dennis's sister) had known Chris for ages. She and I could have actually crossed paths many times, but never "knew" each other. Of course, I went to the wedding... as my soon to be Mother-in-law's date ;o)

And now Chris is my "one friend" on facebook. Will you be my friend?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

She's Me


You've heard me talk about her before somewhere back in the Flintstone Era of this blog. Laura and I work together at the Prompt Care -she works the front desk, I'm in the back driving needles into booties. She started there about a year after I did. We actually know each other from our son's stint in "Come Play with Me", when they were 3. We scrapbook together quite often too.

Laura took care of some company business for me while I was on vacation. Today when she called to give me some updates, she told me a story about a patient on Labor Day.

A man limps into the office and says, "I dropped something heavy on my toe, I think I broke it." Laura replies, "We have Xray equipment here, so we can see you, I just need to register you first." She hands him a clipboard.

Shortly after filling out the paper work, the man says in front of a waiting room FULL of people
"Can you take me back now?"

She replies, "You mean before all of these people, that have been waiting for over an hour?"
"well yeah" he returns, "It will only take a couple minutes, I'll be in and out".

Laura looks over the top of her glasses, straight at the man and says, "We can bring you back right away... after you get permission from every single person sitting in here, that it is ok for you to go before them."

The man turns around to find almost 30 pair of eyes, boring into his head and replies, "That's ok, I'll wait."

"I thought so." Laura said.

Yep. She's just like me.

Joke from Emily

Q: What do you get when you cross a porcupine with a tortoise?
A: A slow poke!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Love You Man...

OMG, my blogger friends kill me. I just got done reading Jro's post about the skunk and can honestly say that I can not read that post again. I may rupture something if I do. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe.

And Mel. Princess and her Pees, I mean THE peas, lol. I am SO ready for summer to be over. Since July, our summer has been literally full speed ahead. I have been all over the country, and have packed, unpacked, and repacked my suitcase again. It was one of the best summers we've ever had.

But I am so worn out. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I am ready for early nights (for the kiddies). I am ready for the season premiers. I am ready for my huge oversized easy chair, and my stack of magazines that I've been neglecting all summer. I am ready to burn my favorite fall candle, day in and day out. I am ready for cool breezes to subtly cruise across my face, while I am wrapped up in a snuggly warm bed. I am ready to attempt to cook, bake amazing desserts, and to spend Saturdays lounging in front of the TV.

The homework... yeah, boiling chicken bones and bleaching them out to make a dinosaur is pretty hefty price to pay, but I'll take it. It gives me time to try and be a good mom again. A sense of renewal. Healthy lunches, clean faces, nicely combed hair, and well rested children... I'm ready for summer to end.