Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Cross

Tomorrow Greg will make his First Communion. Sometimes you send your child to religious ed, and wonder if he understands what they are telling him. The fact that he constructed a wooden cross out of 2x4's, is an indication that he's getting it. Attempting to nail Emily's Cabbage Patch doll to it? Message received. Need I say more?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Cube

I LOVE this product!! I found it at Macy's recently. It is in the Martha Stewart collection and it is a lunch cube. The thing I like best about this cube is that you no longer need those expensive, earth littering plastic bags for lunch! Plus it protects its precious cargo from getting smashed under heavier objects.

I tried to put photos here for you to see but their website isn't set up so you can hijack a photo. So click the link to see this cool cube!

To open it, you flip open the blue "sistema" lock. It helps if your sandwich is on top when you do this. When it opens in half, the sandwich will be on one side with a lid protecting it, and there are two other compartments on the other side. Again, make sure the sandwich is on top when you open it or the other items will fall out. This hasn't been that big of an issue.

I have been packing a lot more lunches for my kids now thanks to Jamie Oliver and his lovely demonstration on what chicken nuggets are made of.

The lunch cube was the best $5 I have spent this year. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and earth friendly. What could be better!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 week, 4 days

That is how long I have been training for my new "positions". I believe the training to work in the White House is less intense than this. I literally feel like I've been in a cattle chute for the 9 days straight. 90% of the time I have no idea where I am going for my training (ie class, floor, basement), but I still manage to get there. I am not complaining. Well actually I am a little. I am getting paid an awesome wage to sit in a classroom day after day after day, however tonight I am training from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, then have to return tomorrow at 8:30 for another class. I.... am tired already. lol

I have a new found respect for those that have to wear business attire day after day and sit all day long. I am looking forward to wearing my scrubs, which feel like pajamas and running my tush off taking care of patients.

Remind me I said that about 6 months from now when I'm complaining about that too, ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tech in Training

Last December I sat in the office of the Assistant Clinical Nurse Manager at Henry Ford Hospital. I was being interviewed. When he told me there were well over 350 applicants for 1 position, I suddenly felt very lucky to be sitting there whether I got the job or not.

Fast-forward a couple months. I still hadn't heard anything from the ER when I was called to interview for a position in the Observation Unit. It was the most bizarre interview I had ever been on. I sat in this tiny little office, sweating bullets as 3 supervisors asked me questions that appeared to be printed off the internet. "In the last six months at your last job how many times did you call in sick?" he said in a monotone voice. When I say bizarre, I mean bizarre. At least with my other interview it was more of a conversation. This one was cut and dry and barely any talking. Thank god for deoderant. I walked out thinking, There is no way in hell I got this one.
As always I sent thank you letters immediately after both interviews and called two weeks later. When I called the nursing recuriter (HR), I was told that both departments wanted to hire me, but they were waiting on additional paperwork. I thought I would rupture something, I was so excited.
Finally the call came for the Observation Unit. They wanted an answer on the spot. Before I answered I asked, "What about the ER?". "Do you want the ER instead" Tom asked? "Well... is there any reason I can't take both since they are both contingent?" I replied. "Sure you can" he answered. So... I took both since they both require a minimum of 2 days per month.
Fast forward again...
I started training yesterday and had to go down to One Ford Place, which is a short jaunt from Wayne State University. It was the first day of new employee orientation. I sat in the room with approximately 50 other newbies. Time after time, I noticed my jawl wide open after hearing comments that I thought were fairly surprising. "Unfortunately I will be at Henry Ford Main" one girl said. Unfortunately? I thought. FORTUNATELY YOU ARE NOT STANDING IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE, DING BELL! She thought it was unfortunate that she had to drive from New Baltimore. Funny... I don't recall anyone twisting my arm when I applied.
The jawl dropping comments started while we were doing our introductions. One asshole stands up and says he is a retired firefighter. "I worked 3 days per week, which if you calculate it out folks, averages 70-something days per year! Not bad for $85,000 huh?" Really ass munch? Cause last time I checked three 24 hour shifts equals 72 hours per week. It's short of working 2 full time jobs, not to mention the trauma and carnage that is forever burned into your brain. Is THAT worth $85,000 per year?
During the break I met one woman out at the coffee station. She will be working as a Unit Secretary on midnights in the same ER as I. "They said they are 12 hour shifts, but there is no way I can go 12 hours without a cigarette, so I told them I need 8's" she tells me. "Where did you work before?" I asked. "Automotive. I got laid-off" she answered. Seriously? Desperado finally found a job and now she needs time to smoke?
Needless to say, I am thanking my lucky stars to be where I am now. That's all I got to say about that!