Monday, August 31, 2009


I changed it. Sorry. I LOVE FALL. I am so excited about it. The leaves turning and falling. The cooler temperatures (which I have not complained about this summer). College football...

I'm ready.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7,4,5,2 & Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz was on GMA the other morning talking about heart disease, and American's getting healthy.

One of the things he suggested is something I can do, but need input on.


7 servings of whole grains (this is where you come in)

4 servings of fresh fruit

5 servings of vegetables

2 servings of nuts or healthy fats.

HELP! What suggestions can you give me for getting in 7 servings of whole grains in a day? I picture myself making whole grain rice constantly and obviously that isn't an accurate depiction.

What things do you eat or do you suggest I eat to help make that quota?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guess Who?!

Yep.. 3 years now and Fuznut still comes to visit. Except now we have an understanding..
I give her peanuts, and she let's me get close for photos.
It's all good!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I got up, got ready and hit the pavement. I went looking for jobs. I went to the schools, thinking... Lunch room mom, crossing guard. Not hiring.

Then I went to the hospital where I worked (Starts with a Beau...)
Nothing. In fact the HR woman basically told me, without really telling me, that if there were any jobs in my category, they would be online. So I left and what do you know... I ran into my old supervisor. I handed him my resume, letter of recommendation, and again was told "nothing". There's a hiring freeze. Regardless, I asked him to keep me in mind for a contingent position if anything opens up.

Next I went to another hospital in Rochester. There were no ER tech positions available, but I did fill out an app for a full time medical assistant position. Now I'm weary. I HATE having my back to the wall, however I am married to a firefighter. You don't know odd scheduling until you've worked around a firefighter and two school age children. I was looking for a contingent/part time position, and ended up applying for the full monty. Now I'm worried. At the same time, I feel that I should still interview for it if given the opportunity, then see what happens. But with my luck... I'll get the position, then be freaking out about child care and getting frick & frack to their extra-curricular activities. UGH!

This economy effin' sucks. PERIOD.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's Go Camping!!

I'm with you gals. Fbook is a time suck. Plus I can't 'tell my story' like I do here. There is just too many people on there, and with my current status of "unemployed" I would like to keep some of my life semi-private. My friend Laura told me the other day that 85% of employers will not hire someone due to the information they have on the internet. With that, I went and made my fbook private. I searched for myself too to see what I could dig up. My blog... did not appear :)

As summer starts to wind down, I would like to make some of the next posts about what we did all summer. First off...

We bought a camper!
Most people would start off with a pop-up or a small camper. Apparently we aren't most people.
We settled for this 2002 Flagstaff 30' superlite.
The weight was under our limit and the price was nice too!
I will admit we were nervous wrecks at first, but now that we've taken it on a couple trips, it pulls so nice, you almost forget that it's there!

The door is to the right. That's Peepers doing what she does... she peeps. The front has a queen sized bed that you can walk around. It has tons of cabinet storage for clothes too. The bed lifts up for even more storage space. Here you see the kitchen. It is beautiful and has a lot of counter space.

This is the other view from the door. Notice Den's touch on the floor. The sofa and dinette both fold down into beds quite easily I might add. The cushions don't come off, they just roll, and roll until they fold down flat into the bed. Pretty nice!

These are the kids bunks. They are PERFECT. Although the bottom bunk is in a very odd place. I would totally have an anxiety attack down there, plus we still can't figure out how in the heck you would get in there. Back in feet first? Can you tell which one is Greg's bed?

THIS was a huge selling point. A BATHROOM. My only stipulation for buying ANY camper was that it HAD to have a bathroom. PERIOD. Ain't no way Jason is going to slice and dice me up on the way to a campground bathroom in the middle of the night! Now when you gotta go... you just go. :) On the right across from the commode (not shown) is the shower. At first I thought, no way. Then we went to Jellystone up in Silver Lake. Once we figured out how the hot water tank worked, I decided to give the shower a whirl. I LOVE IT. I showered in it every day, and didn't have to wear shoes!

I'm here!

I tried to post something last week, and spent a lot of time working on it. Then when I tried to "publish" it, an error message came up. So then I remembered that it saves "drafts". Well guess what it didn't do. It didn't save the draft either! After spending that amount of time working on the post, I just got mad and exited it without reposting. Now I can't even remember what it was about.

But... I have a new post to put up! That is coming up in just a bit. Let's hope it publishes!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Just Drive!

Jro's blog has been so funny lately. I know I get on my fellow bloggers to write something. The reason being, is I LOVE to read everyone's thoughts. You guys are so flippin funny sometimes, even if you are rambling about nothing. I would rather read what you write, than anything else out there.

Her stories of camping recently brought back a memory for me.

Mio, MI 1996 or 96

My sister and I worked together at Rock Financial. She had invited us up to Mio to camp and canoe on the Au Sable river. Den and I had odd schedules at the time, so we were the first to head up.

After arriving and seeing "Camp Runamuck", we decided to go look for a hotel. The place we were to set up camp was in the yard of a single wide trailer that looked like it could be the scene of a homicide. It was in the middle of the jungle, with an outhouse.

We made it all the way to Alpena. No Hilton, no Mariott... nothing. After deciding we would rather stay at the camp rather than the methlab hotels that we had seen, we went back. We pitched our tent, then headed off to find beer. Beer makes EVERYTHING better. An hour later, after passing a house on fire (with no fire department to be found), we located a party store. It was hot, cramped, and packed full of junk. The beer... hot, dusty, and a year past it's expiration date. After purchasing NOTHING, we left. Passed the burning house, and went back to camp.

My sister arrived with her "friends". I quote "friends" because I could not believe the people that were with her. My sister is sometimes a bit odd, but how in the world did she get hooked up with these dirt bags? Hillbilly USA! After throwing up their tents, a fire was built. Using anything and everything that they could torch, including gasoline. Which by the way went over like a lead balloon with the resident firefighter.

After a night of tent sleeping (which isn't really sleeping), we headed to the river. On the way, we again passed the burning house, which was now leveled to the ground and smoldering. We also found a grocery store on the way and picked up our beverages. We got in our canoes and headed down the river. A short distance later, someone came up with the brilliant idea that we should all tie up canoe's and "drift". It was a fairly decent time until one of them decided to spark up a fatty. THAT WAS IT. THAT was the last straw. Den and I untied our canoe, and told them we wanted to just go solo for a while.

6 HOURS! 6 HOURS of paddling like mad and we finally made the pick up spot. We all headed back to camp where Den and I proceeded to pack up ALL of our things after canoeing all day, and drove ALL THE WAY HOME. We had been awake for 36 hours, including the EXHAUSTING canoe trip. It was the worst trip I had EVER taken in my life. It wasn't even worth spending an extra minute there let alone 2 more days!!

After getting home, we had the best night sleep we have probably EVER had.